Corners of Sanctuary Release New Video for COVID Single Friday May 8 2020, 10:58 AM
Corners of Sanctuary Release New Video for COVID Single

Amidst canceled concerts and closed venues, bands have taken to the internet at large to share music, performances and comment as fans look for ways to connect with their favorite acts. Philadelphia's Corners of Sanctuary (COS) have released a new music video for their COVID single, "We Won't Back Down (Do or Die)."

Watch "We Won't Back Down (Do or Die)":

"With no shows on the immediate horizon, virtual content has become the go-to means to stay in the game," says COS bassist James Pera. "The plus of this whole situation, is that bands worldwide have been thinking outside the box and making some really incredible strides in creativity given the limitations of the moment.”

Following their March EP, "For COS and Country," "We Won't Back Down (Do or Die)" appears on COS' recent digi download pack, "Quarantined Lockdown," released in April. The digi pack is available for free by visiting the band's official website at .


"Send us an email and we'll send you the digi pack," says COS drummer Mad T. "It's that it's free."

When asked what's next for the band, COS guitarist Mick Michaels said, "We are working on our next album...recording all the vocals now…plus reworking some older songs for future releases. We are also proud to be involved in the Hear 'n Now project... the project's first single looks to release later this month. So we've definitely been staying busy even without being able to play live."

COS’ next album, “Heroes Never Die,” is slated to release later this year.

Check out Corners of Sanctuary at:


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