CHAOSFEAR re-releases their first EP on World Rock Day! Tuesday July 13 2021, 5:25 PM
CHAOSFEAR re-releases their first EP on World Rock Day!

Brazilian thrashers of CHAOSFEAR re-released their first and out of print EP, "Inside The Extreme World", originally released in 2003, on all traditional streaming platforms celebrating World Rock Day! At that time, the band featured Danilo Freitas (drums) and Anderson de Franca (bass), along with Fernando Boccomino (vocals/guitar), the only remaining member of the original lineup.

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"Inside The Extreme World" (EP/2003)

01. Absolution Rejection
02. Time
03. Nonsense Attitude
04. Defying The Flowing
05. Human

Produced by CHAOSFEAR
Recorded at Alchimia Estúdio, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mixed by Mauro P. Cogo & CHAOSFEAR
Lyrics by Fernando Boccomino
Guest Guitar Solos by Eduardo Boccomino

Additional Information:

Always moving between Thrash and Death Metal, Chaosfear have released three studio albums, EPs and singles, with excellent press reviews. Brazilian and international metal giants shared the stage with Chaosfear until the break in their activities in 2012. In 2018, a new line-up returns with full force, incorporating new elements and a more modern side within their original influences. Cleaner, lower, melancholic and aggressive vocals, along with more emotional themes linked to life's trials, troubled periods and the desire to get out of times of darkness were central points in this reinvention.

The band's latest album, "Be The Light In Dark Days", was released during the pandemic showing that with the coming of contemporary Thrash Metal the band has grown a lot and has also decided that no comfort zone would be allowed. The album has received extremely positive reviews, reaching top positions in most best albums of 2020 charts. Fernando Boccomino (vocals/guitar), Eduardo Boccomino (guitar), Marco Nunes (bass/producer) and Fabio Moyses (drums) had a dream come true by re-recording the timeless Thrash Metal classic "The Toxic Waltz" by the American Giants Exodus, with none other than Steve 'Zetro' Souza himself, lead singer of the band, in a brutal duet with Fernando. At the moment, the band is writing new material ready to be released soon.


“Inside The Extreme World” (EP/2003)
“One Step Behind Anger” (Album/2006)
“Image Of Disorder” (Album/2008)
“Legacy Of Chaos” (EP/2012)
“Global Atrocity” (Single/2018)
“Path 21” (Single/2019)
“The Alliance” (Single/2020)
“Whose Fist Is This Anyway” (Single/2020)
“Be The Light In Dark Days” (Album/2020)
“From No Past” (Single/2020)
“Be The Light In Dark Days” (Single/2020)
“Cold” (Single/2020)
“The Toxic Waltz (Feat. Steve Zetro Souza of Exodus)” (Single/2020)
“The Hand That Wrecks The World” (EP/2021)

Current Line-Up:

Fernando Boccomino - Vocals/Guitars
Eduardo Boccomino - Guitars
Marco Nunes - Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Fábio Moyses - Drums/Backing Vocals

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