ABERRATION (US Atmospheric Dark Death Metal) - Announcement + Promo Wednesday December 23 2020, 1:31 AM
ABERRATION (US Atmospheric Dark Death Metal) - Announcement + Promo

Sentient Ruin is proud to present you with the imminent release of the self titled MLP by American dark/atmospheric  death metal obscurators Aberration.

With influences coming from extreme metal beasts like Antediluvian, Altarage, and Impetuous Ritual, the Minnesota-based dark death metal horde debuts via Sentient Ruin with their self-titled 2021 debut 10" EP, an aural pact with total darkness that establishes them as one of the most imaginative and intimidating new entities in American underground extreme metal. 

Today Toilet Ov Hell unveils “III”, the first track taken from the release, stating that “reminiscent of the impending claustrophobic dread of Impetuous Ritual or even the soul-consuming self-abrogation of Ifrinn, these three tracks have left me adrift in a hallucinatory haze of annihilation, and I can think of no other appropriate way to end 2020“ - you can check out their feature  HERE .

No newcomers to game, Aberration was formed in late 2019 by members of Void Rot, Suffering Hour, Nothingness and Tvaer, throwing the sum of their talents and influences into an obfuscating aural glorification of total darkness and oblivion, combining death, doom, black metal and tenebrous ambient/drone to create an imposing aural hellscape of complete light-devouring terror.

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