Gallia Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Saturday September 21 2019, 4:01 PM
Gallia Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

A few years ago, Gallia was founded as a musical project, but soon outgrew that term.
Nowadays, Gallia is a five-person symphonic metal band from Belgium with original
songs and a strong passion for music.
Gallia’s songs are composed by lead guitarist Yannick. He is one of the founders of
Gallia and the creative brain behind the band. He started with music theory and clarinet
at a young age, and discovered the joy of being on stage and making music. Next to his
solo project where he writes symphonic pieces, he started Gallia and hopes to bring joy
to others through the music the band works on.
Davy is the rhythm guitarist that supports the lead guitar. Davy started in 2011 with
making music, when he was first handed an electric guitar. He now translates his
passion for the metal genre to the songs of Gallia. Ever since he has been a fixture in
this band.
The bass melody is played by Laurens. Since his teenage years, Laurens has been a
fan of hard rock and metal genres, and founded Gallia together with Yannick. Laurens
picked up the bass guitar and hasn’t put it down since. He plays with a lot of enthusiasm
and occasionally ventures out to vocals.
The lead vocalist, however, is Elyn. She joined Gallia in 2015. She has a background in
musicals and experience with classical singing, but isn’t afraid of the challenge that
metal brings. Since she joined, she has also picked up writing lyrics for Gallia.
The band relies on the rhythm of Dieter, Gallia’s drummer. He started with a local
marching band, and after that played for local band Clouds of Gravity. He took a break
from drumming to focus on his studies, but recently picked up his drumsticks again and
joined Gallia.
The technical side and general management falls on the shoulders of Joachim. His
experienced ear and organisational skills make him indispensable for Gallia.

Gallia is a band bursting with ambition and love for music. The experience and passion
of the band members has lead this band to move forward very quickly.
On the 20th of July they have launched their first EP called “Everflame”. It can be found
on their website, CD baby, iTunes and Spotify.
Follow them on Youtube, Facebook or their website to stay updated on new songs or
future performances.

Band: Gallia
Album title: ‘Everflame’
Releasedate: July 20th 2019
Presspromo: Mike de Coene at Hard Life Promotion



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