WARHAMMER sign world wide deal with Extreme Management Group Wednesday February 1 2023, 6:56 PM
WARHAMMER sign world wide deal with Extreme Management Group

WARHAMMER, Greece's number one blackened death metal band, have inked a worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group. WARHAMMER started in 2012 as a thrash metal band with the inaugural self-titled ‘’Warhammer’’ ep. In 2013, the band released its first full-length album entitled "Mass Burial" on Senseless Life Records, and played their first gigs in Athens. This was followed by their second album “At the threshold of eternity” via Sliptrick Records. Since 2014, the band has toured throughout the Balkans Tour, European and Latin America including many festival appearances . In 2017, the band organized “Serbia Metal Meeting”, a metal festival in Nis (Serbia) in which there were bands from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Croatia with positive critical acclaim in the Balkans. In December of 2019 the band re-released the first album ‘’Mass Burial’.  The last two years, the band has incorporated saxophone into the work.  Their 3rd album with this element  "Ashes and Cinder" was released November 2021 via Drakkar Productions.  WARHAMMER is now pre producing the 4th album which will be more guitar and saxophone oriented.

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