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    Wednesday September 20 2023, 6:18 PM
    “Live by the rule of Fang and Claw, Survival is the highest Law” Belgian black metal horde SERPENTS OATH are proud to announce their third album ‘REVELATION’, which will be released on November 24th through Odium Records (BLACK...
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    Tuesday September 19 2023, 5:42 PM
    Release Date: September 1, 2023  FFO: Metallica, Trivium, Killswitch Engage Location: Denton, Texas Tragic Forms is a musical duo out of North Texas active since 2017. Specializing mostly in metal styles, they have released 3 full...
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    Tuesday September 19 2023, 5:26 PM
    Release Date: Oct 13th 2023   FFO: August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Polaris   Location: Germany, Russia, USA   "The Pauline Principle" is a bible reference - "One should never do evil so that good may come." - the end never justifies...
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    Monday September 18 2023, 12:25 PM
    Release Date: Oct. 23-27 FFO: Gutalax, SPASM & Rompeprop Location: Minneapolis, MN & Colorado Hailing from Parts Unknown (Minnesota / Colorado) comes SWEATPANTS BONER. This very classy Goregrind band strives to bring songs that...
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    Monday September 18 2023, 12:05 PM
    Release Date: Friday 15th September 2023 FFO: Dream Theater, Kansas, Queensrÿche Location: UK HeKz unleashes their latest single, the triumphant 'Too Far Gone'. This anthemic track is the 3rd single from HeKz's highly anticipated...
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    Monday September 18 2023, 11:51 AM
    Release Date: October 20, 2023 FFO: CANDLEMASS, SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM, REVEREND BIZARRE, CATHEDRAL Location: Chile Label: Witches Brew In the summer of 2010, Fernando Opazo (FernanDOOMer) created MARCHAFUNEBRE as a solo project to...
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    Monday September 18 2023, 11:23 AM
    Release Date: 29th of September 2023 FFO: Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani Location: Seinäjoki, Finland We are thrilled to announce that Juho Ranta-Maunus, winner of Guitar World magazine's Young Guitarist Of The Year 2020 and...
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    Monday September 18 2023, 10:55 AM
    Release Date: September 22 2023 FFO: Tool, Mastodon, Red Fang Location: Gothenburg, Sweden Stone of Duna from Gothenburg, Sweden, was formed in the fall of 2021 when the three childhood friends Max, David and Arvid teamed up with...
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    Monday September 18 2023, 8:52 AM
    Release Date: 10-13-23 Genre Description: Cosmic Metal, Groove, Thrash FFO: Pantera, Slipknot, Acid Bath Location: Corinth, MS     The blistering new single "Your Decay" from north Mississippi cosmic rockers, THE RED MOUNTAIN, drops...
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    Wednesday September 13 2023, 8:39 AM
    Release Date: September 30th, 2023 FFO: Fear Factory, American Head Charge, Five Finger Death Punch Location: Corridonia, Italy NMTCG is proud to announce the release of Stealth single “Sleep Paralysis” on the 30th of September 2023,...
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    Tuesday September 12 2023, 3:29 PM
    American Metal Hellion Marshall Beck has agreed to have his first NFT minted and auctioned for charity at The Rogue Bunnies FIRST massive upcoming celebration on September, 14 th 2023 at The Westgate casino in Las Vegas.   The Marshall Beck...
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    Tuesday September 12 2023, 3:09 PM
    Release Date: September 7, 2023  FFO: We Are The City, John Carpenter, LAKEMAN Location: Sweden PreHistoric Animals, the progressive rock band, has announced the release of their new single He is number 4 along with two additional...
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    Tuesday September 12 2023, 2:38 PM
    Release Date: 13. September, 2023. FFO: Dimmu Borgir, And Oceans, Catamenia   Location: Hungary All hope is gone: the second album of the atmospheric black metal band FROZEN WREATH is out now, entitled ‘Mea Culpa’! The Hungarian...
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    Tuesday September 12 2023, 1:51 PM
    Release Date: April, 20th 2023 Location: Poland FFO: Ardent Nova, ALBATROSS, Transgressive Label: Witches Brew Witches Brew, a renowned metal label, has recently unveiled a new death metal band from Poland. The band, formed in 2021,...
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    Tuesday September 12 2023, 1:38 PM
    Welcome to The Reunion 2023 - A SWMF Gathering! Get ready for an unforgettable evening of underground heavy metal and fun!. Join us on Friday, Oct 20 and Saturday, Oct 21, 2023, at Lovedraft's Brewing Co., 165 Gateway Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA...
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    Monday September 11 2023, 2:01 PM
    Release Date: 2/18/23 FFO: Gojira, Dillinger Escape Plan, System of a Down  Location: Cincinnati Ohio If you're a fan of metal music and enjoy discovering new artists, you won't want to miss out on this exciting news! A music project...
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    Monday September 11 2023, 1:35 PM
    Release Date: October 6th, 2023 FFO: Enslaved, Amorphis and Amon Amarth. Location: Los Angeles, California The single is a cover of Depeche Mode's classic 'Halo,' and features haunting melodies that will leave listeners in awe. The...
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    Monday September 11 2023, 1:14 PM
    Release Date: August 20, 2023 FFO: My Ticket Home, '68, Queens of The Stone Age Location: Calgary, Alberta Brace yourselves, music fans! A new era of intense and unrelenting music has arrived! The dynamic duo from Calgary, AB has come...
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    Thursday September 7 2023, 2:30 PM
     Release Date: September 22, 2023  FFO: Ghost Bath, Deafheaven, Woods of Desolation Location: Lafayette, Indiana Starlit Melancholy, a one-man atmospheric black metal project from Lafayette, Indiana, has released a new album titled To...
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    Thursday September 7 2023, 2:11 PM
    Release Date: December 1st, 2023 FFO: Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault, Slayer Location: Vancouver, BC CANADA AGGRESSION is a Canadian thrash metal band that was formed in Montreal, Quebec, in 1983. Before settling on its current name in...
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