CHAOSFEAR invites everyone to Live Autoral at Manifesto Bar Thursday August 27 2020, 6:14 PM
CHAOSFEAR invites everyone to Live Autoral at Manifesto Bar

Next Sunday, August 30, at 8 pm, the São Paulo thrashers from Chaosfear will perform live on the stage of the traditional Rock Bar in the capital of São Paulo, Manifesto Bar . This bombastic performance, which will be broadcast directly on the YouTube channel of the Manifesto Bar , will not only be an excellent occasion for the band to do their show of launching the new work, "Be The Light In Dark Days" , released in June (yet) independently, as well as performing tracks from all his previous jobs with this current training after so long in isolation. On the same night, we will also have the presentation of the rock / metal band Endigna.

Marco Nunes , bassist / producer of Chaosfear invites everyone in the video below:

All health and safety rules and laws will be taken to the letter, for example, social distance, wearing masks, few people on the team present, but good old Rock / Metal always in maximized quantities.

Manifesto Bar official channel:

However, due to these difficult pandemic times by # COVID19 , not only did the Manifesto Bar have to adapt to the situation by keeping its doors closed to the public, but also the bands had their concert schedules completely stopped with no return deadline. The way they found that expenses were minimized (house and bands) was the weekly realization of copyright shows and covers being broadcast live on YouTube, and throughout the presentations, links for ' online vakinha ' are disseminated so that fans, viewers and bar customers can donate any amount.

Check out the link to Vakinha Online at:

Facebook event :

"We can't wait to get on the stage of the Manifesto and show the new songs! In these pandemic times, this show will be a way to get closer to the audience after all this time away, venting our great desire to play live again and, of course, we help the house through the virtual kitty ”, commented Fernando Boccomino (vocal / guitar)

Chaosfear 's most recent full studio album, “Be The Light In Dark Days” , was released in June and has 7 dense and melancholic tracks, alternating passages that are sometimes dark and rhythmic, sometimes fast and full of 'punch', with a robust and modern production, emphasizing the purest weight of contemporary Thrash Metal. The muffled reeds, profuse riffs, aggressiveness and unique brutality were so high that the comfort zone within the band was no longer an option.

Check out “Be The Light In Dark Days” at:
YouTube Music:

Check out the video clip for “From No Past” at:

Check out the video for "Be The Light In Dark Days" at:

Check out ' A New Life Ahead ' collab at:

The tracks for "Be The Light In Dark Days" are:

1- “Be The Light In Dark Days”
2- "From No Past"
3- “The Hand That Wrecks The World”
4- “Mindshut”
5- "Cold"
6- "The Alliance"
7- "A New Life Ahead"

Produced by Marco Nunes
Mixed by Marco Nunes and Chaosfear
Mastered by Paulo Anhaia
Songs and lyrics by Chaosfear
Cover by Jean Santiago

Also check out "The Toxic Waltz" (Exodus) featuring Steve 'Zetro' Souza :

The band is still looking for a partner label / distributor for the release of “Be The Light In Dark Days” in physical format.


“Inside The Extreme World” (Demo / 2003)
“One Step Behind Anger” (Album / 2006)
“Image Of Disorder” (Album / 2008)
“Legacy Of Chaos” (EP / 2012)
“Global Atrocity” (Single / 2018)
“Path 21” (Single / 2019)
“The Alliance” (Single / 2020)
“Whose Fist Is This Anyway” (Single / 2020)
“Be The Light In Dark Days” (Album / 2020)
"The Toxic Waltz (featuring Steve 'Zetro' Souza)" (Single / 2020)


Fernado Boccomino - Vocal / Guitar
Eduardo Boccomino - Solo Guitar
Marco Nunes - Bass / Keyboards / Vocal Backing
Fabio Moysés - Drums / Vocal Backing

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