Ever since I hired MDPR, the bands that I have on my label are happy as f*** and honestly it's taking a lot off me where I can actually do the production of other things that the label needed! I was overworked! It's allowed me to take some time to focus on my own music - Misanthropik Records



    Thanks Zach Moonshine, there's a LOT of great metal out now, but your PR campaign helped my album reach a lot of ears in a very crowded (and talented) field. - White Crone 


    "MDPR-The gift that keeps on giving!" - Fumigation

    "Zach immediately proved to be a friendly person and ready to give us a hand. He did everything he wrote in his promotions, and we can’t thank him enough. Zach is a reliable, great and very communicative person. Contact him because he really deserves it! Thanks a lot brother!" - Hell Riders
    "Within just a few days, my new single got nearly 1,000 listens and was featured on several blogs and webzines. MDR seriously delivers, highly recommended!" -  Jason Aaron Wood
    " The (PR Package #3) campaign did great things for me. It got me a number of interviews with respected media and lots of site traffic, so it helped for sure to promote my music to many people. I would definitely recommend to work with Zach, and will do it again myself in the future!" - Ron Coolen
    "The experience was smooth and quick. The postings and emails began within a day. We had numerous publications interested in our bands and releases subsequently. Thank you again - Shaytan Productions
    "Thanks to your blog article, RavenSkül will have an interview on May 30th with Mike of The Thunderhead Show, and waiting hopefully a second one with Mika of Metalized Magazine who is also interested."
    This will happen for the release of the new 4th album of RavenSkül, his first Punk Metal style album "Live From Covid Center". - Emmanuel (Phoenix Music Records)
    "I absolutely recommend it, I got an interview and a couple of reviews right away and got played on the radio. So I'm very happy with the results" - Fullmåne
    "After winning the Metal Battle in May 2020 on the Metal Devastation Radio website, I have worked with Zach on a very well-coordinated promotional campaign that has included mailing, interviews and radio appearances in different countries. The entire band is very happy and grateful for the great work he did that has undoubtedly given us bigger visibility." Barbara Black .
    "We are so glad to have worked with Zach at Metal Devastation Radio. He responded quickly to emails and made sure that we had everything we needed for our debut EP's promotion. Zach's efforts helped garner us new reviews for our EP, VITAL, and also helped get the attention of label staff members. Second Wind thoroughly appreciates Zach's work on our behalf, and we are definitely considering working with him in the future. He genuinely cares about getting the word out for you and your band!" Second Wind
    "Working with Zach was easy and everything worked better than great! He kept us aware all the time with everything what was going on. We got radio play and our single was featured on many websites. We also got some contacts from magazines for possible collaborations!" - Existence Depraved
    "Working with Zach is the best experience I've had in 2020!" - Dead Games Records

    MDPR are fantastic to work with. Not only do they deliver on what they promise, they do it at rates that are half of what others charge. My solo band got tons of exposure and Zach was always on top of every bit of press. - Journey Into Darkness


    “Working with Zach at Metal Devastation PR, has been one of the best moves I made for new CD. I received reviews within a couple weeks time and interview requests as well. He’s also very easy to get in touch with if you have any questions or new things to add.” - Project Alcazar


    "Just want to let you know that since the Spotify email blast, I got 134 listeners and 3,000 streams in one day. Thank you so much. Metal Devastation Radio is the real deal, when it comes to Music Marketing. The prices are affordable and I'm happy I was able to work with Zach to get my music heard. Thank you so much, brother!"- Mike Fulkerson


    "Zach and his team are top notch. His PR company offers complete transparency on all campaigns that he runs. We have worked with PR companies in the past that made big promises, under delivered, and charged 20 times more than Zach's fees. If your music is good, you will see results! Zach's publicity and radio services save you hundreds of hours, and help you rise above the smoke in such an oversaturated business. If you are a band or solo artist in the genre of Rock or anything heavier, don't think twice, hire Metal Devastation PR - NOW!" - The Uneven


    As a manager I always try to find creative and effective ways to promote my bands. MDPR exceeds every expectation. Delivering well-coordinated promotional campaigns, from getting coverage worldwide, handling messaging to the press and boosting the reputation of a band, Zach knows how to handle modern PR tactics like no other, without losing his badass metal edge. - Chelf on behalf of Serpent Lord (GR)

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