MACHINE HEAD ANNOUNCE TEN TON TRADING CO. Saturday November 25 2017, 9:04 AM
The Beast

Machine Head has announced the grand opening of their official online merch store  Ten Ton Trading Co.  100% owned and operated by the band.

"When we first started Machine Head, we made all of our own t-shirts with the help of our friends TNT's Screen Printing in Emeryville, CA - including the original Fuck It All design we sold at concerts at such venues as The Stone, The Omni, and The Berkeley Square," says frontman Robb Flynn. "We made and paid for all of our own stickers, demos, J-Card cassette inserts, and flyers to get our band's name out."

"After getting signed, we did what most bands did and gave our merch rights to a merch company with decent enough results, but in 2017 we have returned to the same DIY ethic that we began with in Machine Head, and have decided to play a stronger role in shaping our bands destiny with Ten Ton Trading Co."

"We are incredibly excited to offer The Head Cases of the world, premium streetwear-style merchandise, as well as offer long-out-of-print Throwback times, in rich, super-high-quality, 14-color prints that preserve the original album detail."

"And Ladies... we got you!  For the first time ever, we are offering Throwback Ladies design in premium ringspun, figure-flattering, scoop tees."

"Every sale you make goes directly to Machine Head, there is no middle-man. And in doing so, directly supports the culture we have created around our music... and for that we cannot thank you enough."

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