Held Hostage - "Epic" album featuring guest vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens. Thursday December 5 2019, 6:17 AM
Held Hostage - "Epic" album featuring guest vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens.

New York based hard rock band HELD HOSTAGE are making their new upcoming album "EPIC" available via streaming for worldwide media review.

The new album songs feature guest vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (formerly of Judas Priest / Iced Earth /Yngwie Malmsteen).

"Epic" will be digitally released on December 15, 2019 and in cd format on January 17, 2020 via Metal Mania Records / MVD (Music Video Distributors).

Held Hostage - “EPIC” Track Listing
1. Lightning
2. Tonights the Nite (Dedicated to Bon Scott)
3. Love me Love me
4. Hollywood
5. Turn the light on
6. I’m All over you
7. Hot Night in the City
8. We’ll Rock for you
9. Stand Back
10. Rock –N- Roll Explosion
11. Your Name
12. Rockin the Nite away

Held Hostage album band Line-Up

Tom Collier - Lead guitar / Vocals
Scott Gregg - Rhythm guitar / Backup vocals
Ian Evans - Drums
Joseph Reppert - Bass guitar / Backup vocals,
Tim “Ripper” Owens.- Lead Vocals

Held Hostage - "Lightning" You Tube video link

Official Held Hostage website link

Official Held Hostage Facebook page link


In 1990 Held Hostage released Ep and featuring its hit song “Rockin the Nite Away” and “Rescue Me”. Both songs hit the charts on the Rockshop Radio in 1990. “Rescue me” Number 41 and “Rockin The Nite Away” number 90 and Held Hostage was the number 54 most requested band on that Radio Station.

Current, past members, and guest artists include Tom Collier Founder/Lead Guitarist, Singer, Tim Ripper Owens Singer (Judas Priest, Dio Disciples, Yngwie Malmsteen), Joe Lynn Turner, Singer (Deep Purple, Rainbow), Carl Canedy, Drummer/Producer (The Rods, Canedy, St James), RIP Scott Columbus, Drummer (Manowar), Freddie Villano, Bass Guitarist (Quiet Riot, Dee Snider’s Widow Maker, American Mafia), Giorgio Mongelli, Bass Guitarist (Ethan Brosh), Scott Gregg, Held Hostage Rhythm Guitarist, Ian Evans, Drummer and Joseph Reppert, Bass Guitarist.

In 2016 Held Hostage released CD titled "Fallen Brothers" which sent them to national/worldwide acclaim.

In 2018 Held Hostage released a single “Show Me The Way Back Home” featuring Iconic Singer Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow/Deep purple) and then will be following up with full-length CD. The single went to Nationwide acclaim and was in the Grammy Selection process for record of the year. Held Hostage was able to raise thousands of dollars through sales of the song, to help Veterans organizations

2019 Held Hostage returned to the recording Studio after playing the House of Blues Anaheim Ca as direct support for Metal Allegiance during The Namm Show. This time they brought in one of the premiere/greatest singers in the world. Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, Dio Disciples, Yngwie Malmsteen) to sing their entire album Entitled "EPIC". This album is one of the most diverse albums to date, features everything from, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal. Held Hostage at every concert donates a portions of its music sales to Veterans Organizations. Watch for summer 2019 release date.

The band's unique blend of screaming guitars, thundering kick ass drums, raging bass and uninhibited vocals will stay true to form and Held Hostage is ready and able to take their place in Rock and Roll history.

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