GREEN CARNATION, GARGOYL, and CARNATION Added to Slay at Home Fest Monday September 21 2020, 12:00 AM
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Following a successful launch over the summer, Metal Injection's virtual Slay at Home fest will be returning as a monthly installment! In addition to a set from  GREEN CARNATION , members of  GARGOYL  and  CARNATION  will each be performing cover collaborations.
This month's Slay At Home is set to stream live FREE on Friday, September 25th at 3:00 P.M. EDT // 9:00 P.M. CEST, via the  Metal Injection YouTube  page in support of  National Alliance On Mental Illness  for Suicide Prevention Month.
Norwegian progressive rock icons  GREEN CARNATION  will be supporting their 2020 release, 'Leaves of Yesteryear,' which can purchased  HERE . Watch the video for the title track  HERE .
Old school death metal revivalists  CARNATION  will be supporting their freshly released full-length, 'Where Death Lies,' which is available for purchase and streaming  HERE . Watch the video for "Sepulcher of Alteration"  HERE .
Experimental progressive grunge act  GARGOYL  will be supporting their upcoming debut full-length, which is due on October 9! Pre-order it  HERE . Watch the video for "Plastic Nothing"  HERE .

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About GREEN CARNATION: The earnest progressive metal group GREEN CARNATION unveil ‘Leaves of Yesteryear,’ the first new music from the band in 14 years. More approachable than the Norwegian's work in the metal bands IN THE WOODS, EMPEROR, and TRISTANIA; their unpretentious, punchy and smart sound appeals to broad swaths of the rock community.  ‘Leaves of Yesteryear’ serves as both a retrospective look at the band’s storied career while setting the foundation for their future.
For more on  GREEN CARNATION , visit their official  FACEBOOK  and  INSTAGRAM .
About CARNATION: Belgian death-dealers CARNATION return with the ripping new full-length album 'Where Death Lies.' Their aural violence, steeped in the influence of the halcyon days of early Scandinavian death metal, is strong and direct and delivered with modern, neck-snapping ferocity. With 'Where Death Lies,' CARNATION have perfected the iron discipline of brutal death metal.
For more on  CARNATION , visit the band's official  FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM WEBSITE , and  YOUTUBE.
About GARGOYL: GARGOYL's unique blend of elegant prog and familiar grunge gestures side-steps any one genre. The new band forges their own path through the musical ether with subdued exploration that explodes into driving backbeats and ringing vocal harmonies. Featuring Luke Roberts from the dynamic AYAHUASCA on guitar and vocals alongside the virtuosic talent of REVOCATION mastermind Dave Davidson, this fresh collaboration sees them expand their repertoire to create something fresh, fascinating and far-reaching. 
For more on  GARGOYL , please visit the band's official  FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BANDCAMP,  and  SOUNDCLOUD .
For more on  SEASON OF MIST  artists, visit our official  WEBSITE FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE , and  TWITTER .

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