Why Slash Chose Gibson Les Paul Sunday March 3 2019, 2:01 PM
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Why Slash Chose Gibson Les Paul

During a conversation with Louder Sound, Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash was asked, "Why did you choose a Les Paul?".
The musician replied:
"I'm not sure if I chose the Les Paul or the Les Paul chose me. When I started picking up the guitar, the Les Paul had a certain aesthetic appeal to me.
"I didn't know a lot about which guitar sounded like what, but a lot of guitar players I liked at that point in time had Les Pauls and I just thought they looked cool.
"I did try a whole bunch of different guitars, from Strats to SGs, and then came full circle back to Les Paul, and that wasn't until 1985 with Guns N' Roses. I think I was using a BC Rich when Guns N' Roses first started."
Which Guns N' Roses solo are you most proud of?
"The most fun I have doing solos live is the improvised stuff because that's when you're flying by the seat of your pants, spontaneously going for something, and when it works that's the most gratifying.
"As far as solos you stay true to, 'November Rain' is a good one. It's a really powerful piece in that song. I love playing the 'Sweet Child O' Mine' solo still to this day.
"Playing the actual song, when you first go into it, it comes in a certain place in the set where people react in such a huge way, it's like having sex. That interaction where it's a give-and-take thing, you can't not enjoy that, right?"

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