Rock Hard Germany Features Metal Devastation PR Clients Leach in Review of "New Model Of Disbelief" Friday April 26 2024, 3:00 PM
Rock Hard Germany Features Metal Devastation PR Clients Leach in Review of "New Model Of Disbelief"

Rock Hard Germany Features Metal Devastation PR Clients Leach in Review of "New Model Of Disbelief"

Metal Devastation PR extends a super huge thanks to our friends at Rock Hard Germany for featuring a review of our client, Leach, and their latest album "New Model Of Disbelief."

Rock Hard Germany, renowned for its in-depth coverage of the metal scene, has spotlighted Leach and their album in a comprehensive review, showcasing the band's unique blend of aggression and melody.

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Release Date: April 19th

FFO: Machine Head, Lamb of God, The Haunted, In flames, Exodus

Location: Borås (Close to Gothenburg, Sweden)


Leaping to the Forefront: LEACH’s Sonic Alchemy “New Model Of Disbelief” 

Hailing from the musically-rich landscapes of Sweden, LEACH emerges with their latest album, “New Model Of Disbelief,” a testament to their evolution and dedication. With a blend of burly, melodic compositions that seamlessly coalesce, LEACH has cemented its position as a standout force within the Swedish music scene.

Redefining Swedish Sound: In an artistic landscape brimming with influences from iconic predecessors, LEACH boldly incorporates elements from Sweden’s diverse musical history. Their unique sound is a fusion of the legendary West Coast “Gothenburg Sound", the dark depths of the Stockholm death metal scene, and the raw power of Northern hardcore. These time-tested ingredients come together in a potent concoction that sets them apart from the crowd.

A Proven Live Act: LEACH’s stage presence is electrifying, a culmination of their extensive touring experience across Europe and even reaching far-flung destinations like Dubai. Their frenetic live energy resonates with fans, leaving an indelible mark at every performance.

Versatile Collaborators: LEACH isn’t limited to a single genre or style; their musical prowess shines as they share stages with renowned acts like Unearth, Misery Index, Belphegor, and Kampfar. This diversity showcases their ability to adapt and excel in various musical environments.

In “New Model Of Disbelief”, LEACH delivers a bold statement, redefining the Swedish sound with their unique blend of influences and musical craftsmanship. As they continue their musical journey, they remain a potent and dynamic force, poised for whatever the future holds.

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