Album Review: DEICIDE - "Banished By Sin" Friday April 26 2024, 2:26 PM
Album Review: DEICIDE - "Banished By Sin"

Deicide, the titans of death metal, return with their thirteenth studio album, "Banished By Sin".  The new album is equal parts brutality and blasphemy. Longevity can be rare in this genre of metal, but Deicide proves once again why they are revered as founding fathers of death metal.

It is evidenced from the first track, "From Unknown Heights You Will Fall" that Deicide has not lost any of its brutality. The song's clever mixture of riffs, technical and aggressive drumset, and growled vocals were so fully realized that this is how the rest of the album sounded. By means of those music videos the band creates sinister aura via dark and disturbing scenery and likes to remind everyone about their satanic devastation!

Throughout the album, the band explores themes of darkness, sin, and corruption creating a feeling of intensity that is both unsettling and captivating.  Tracks like "Sever The Tongue" and "Failures Of Your Dying Lord" are fast and aggressive, while "Woke From God" and "Banished By Sin" showcase the band's unique ability to craft catchy hooks that get stuck on repeat in the listener’s head. The clean mix and production of this thanks to Jeremie Kling from Inhuman Condition totally brings me back to "Once Upon The Cross", sound-wise.

Glen Benton's vocals remain powerful as he showcases his vocal range throughout the album, from guttural growls to haunting high screams.  The guitar work of Taylor and Kevin is heavy and blistering, full of chaotic solos reminiscent of the early records. Steve's relentless drumming and Glen's masterful, deafening bass lines come together to provide the perfect foundation for everything else.

"Banished By Sin," feels like Deicide has returned to their roots.  The album feels like a reminder of the raw energy and aggression of their early work with added modern elements.  As Benton states, the album is "Deicide the way it was meant to be." 

With the new album, Deicide has managed to cement their legacy as one of the most influential bands in the death metal scene. They also prove that they have staying power and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  

For fans of Deicide 's previous work, "Banished By Sin" is a must-have addition for your collection. For those new to the band, it serves as a perfect introduction to the dark and twisted world of death metal.

"Banished By Sin" is available now on all major platforms. Prepare to be challenged, rewarded, and ultimately, "Banished By Sin."

Score 666% - Zach Moonshine - Metal Devastation Radio

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