Death, nihilism, and human misery - Aversio Humanitatis Monday March 20 2017, 9:58 PM
Death, nihilism, and human misery - 	Aversio Humanitatis

Death, nihilism, and human misery sonorized by relentless and haunting black metal with some death metal touches; atmospheric passages torn by crushing blastbeats and threatening screams. Since 2010, Aversio Humanitatis has been developing a sound in constant transformation, in which black metal leads but is also accompanied by death metal elements that sonorize a sempiternal path of instrospection and reflection that revolves around nihilism, the conscience, and Death.

Aversio Humanitatis debuted in 2011 with the album Abandonment Ritual, which consists of six songs of agonizing black metal, full of recurrent melodies and atmospheric passages, but also with some moments of blasting rawness. In 2013, the band came back with a three-track EP titled Three Ways of Conciousness, in a three-way split format with the bands Selbst and Nihil. Musically, the band still created decadent and agonizing atmospheres, but this time with a darker and more direct approach.

In 2015, a split 7" EP with Primigenium is released by BlackSeed Productions on 7" vinyl format. This release featured one new song from each band. Aversio Humanitatis' track, "The Ever Shifting Path" marks a new phase in the band's journey after some events forced it to be dormant during almost two years. In 2017, the band puts out its biggst effort to the date with a four-track EP Longing for the Untold, which is undoubtedly a more complete work in every aspect. It represents a big step forward musically and lyrically, and a definitive reactivation and reaffirmation of the band.

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