Cradle Of Haze - Zehntausend Seelen - Reviewed By All Around Metal! Saturday June 5 2021, 10:42 PM
Cradle Of Haze - Zehntausend Seelen - Reviewed By All Around Metal!

Cradle Of Haze - Zehntausend Seelen - Reviewed By All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

German Cradle Of Haze (a duo formed by multi-instrumentist and singer Thorsten Elighausen and vocalist Anni Meier) have been active for several years (about two decades) and this "Zehntausend Seelen" is their fourteenth album. We apologize in advance, but not much information about the band has arrived in the editorial staff and even on the web it was not immediately available. Going straight to the point, this project takes inspiration, first of all, from groups known as the Rammsteins, and then recalls the Gothic scene of the 80s giving itself some metallic nuances even if in a totally harmless and more mainstream-oriented way.
On paper the ideas would not be bad either, but after listening to the first songs you realize that this band continues in its obstinate musical path without changing the proposal a minimum and above all without having such strength to defeat the
competition. Despite many years of giving, the group's sound is totally rooted and recycled at the limits of plagiarism. There are no original ideas and no slightest hint of personality comes out. The opener and title track "Zehntausend Seelen" is the usual goth&roll with a guitar shot that is also pleasant, but that is drowned out by a German singer heard billions of times both in tone and setting. There can be no lack of electro/industrial keyboards at the limits of the dance ("Das Ich verbrennt") nor even the compressed guitars that seem to always play the same song without a noteworthy variation ("Eisberg"). Ballads unfortunately suffer from a huge sense of mediocrity despite the presence of female vocals (the pop oriented "Neben dem Mond") and the rest of the tracklist is a continuous succession of too light hardness ("Kinder der Dunkelheit") and songs too flat to be appreciated and remembered. A bland horroric and melancholy atmosphere is not enough to be Gothic and unfortunately the most drawn parts bore quickly, the more rhythmic ones do not even entice to wild night dances in some lost goth-club and in general the tracks know too much already heard. Not that the album has played badly or that it does not let itself be heard yet the scorching disappointment is given to us that, as already mentioned, after so many years finding such a record in your hands really leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.
A mediocre job, which exploits the profession but unfortunately without being able to leave a tangible
mark. It can be an effective background for some teen party but otherwise there is much better! - All Around Metal

Cradle of Haze: New album with old line-up! German gothic rockers "Cradle of Haze" release "Zehntausend Seelen", their 14th studio album. "Zehntausend Seelen" comes with eight crisp and to the point, straightforward gothic rock/gothic metal songs. The lyrics are as usual morbidly gloomy and describe once the dark sides of the humanoid being, primal fears, emotions and desires, socio-critical aspects as well as inglorious characteristics of the human species. Here, too, the true messages of the songs are not always clearly discernible and leave room for the listener's own interpretations.

FFO: Rammstein, Lindemann, Erdling 


On this album, singer Anni Meier is also back. The two voices once again complement each other to create a harmonious sound that shapes and colors the songs and their messages. In the selection of sounds, mastermind Thorsten Eligehausen decided to use more orchestral instruments on this album, in addition to the dominant electric guitars; electronic instruments were deliberately used less this time. "This selection and combination of instruments, coupled with our voices results in the modern sound of Cradle of Haze. It underlines the catchy melodies and underpins the message of the songs," says Thorsten Eligehausen. Of course, there is also a special guest on this album that must be mentioned! The eldest daughter of the "family business" Cradle of Haze, for which a special EP (Hand in Hand) was released especially for her birth in 2015, got her first little assignment on the song "Kinder der Dunkelheit".

As a small foretaste, the song "Wie der Wind" was released on YouTube on April 26, 2021.

"Zehntausend Seelen" will be released on May 21, 2021 and is available for download and streaming. 

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