Check Out La Chinga's New Video Here! Tuesday December 18 2018, 8:13 PM
Check Out La Chinga's New Video Here!

Beyond The Sky – the latest full-length from LA CHINGA — was released in September via Small Stone.

A hard rock power trio with psychedelic powers sitting on the world’s edge in Vancouver, Canada, LA CHINGA draws from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, MC5, and their own bad habits to conjure the forty-five minutes of sublimely confident freedom rock that comprises Beyond The Sky. Sometimes meaty and beaty (“Mama Boogie,” “Death Rider”), sometimes glam-handed (“Killer Wizard”), and occasionally even dirtbag pretty (“Keep On Rollin’), when it all melts into a puddle of phased goo in the final bars of “Warlords,” the listener has been rolled, boogied, and otherwise supernaturally conveyed well beyond the sky.

The follow-up to LA CHINGA’s 2016 critically-lauded Freewheelin’ full-length was captured at Vancouver’s fabled Warehouse studio with no-less-fabled producer Jamey Koch (DOA, Copyright, Tragically Hip).

Beyond The Sky will is out now CD, LP, and digital formats via Small Stone. For orders go to THIS LOCATION.

LA CHINGA was forged in 2012, although in reality it was conceived about a year earlier when bassist/vocalist Carl Spackler was surfing in Southern California and his Chicano beach buddies kept hailing each other with the mysterious phrase: “La chingaaaaa!” It was then that Spackler’s dream of a hard rock power trio built on erogenous funkadelic rhythms and a devotion to life’s more sublime pleasures — chief among them: tequila — was now embodied inside a beautifully obscene two-word incantation.

Drummer/vocalist Jay Solyom and guitarist/vocalist Ben Yardley — also a noted professor of Theremin — were conscripted shortly after, both veterans of Vancouver’s notoriously dead-end music scene, both beautifully obscene in their own right. LA CHINGA’s self-titled debut record was rushed out of a makeshift studio in 2013 on nothing but fumes and the liberating force of not giving a shit, landing like a hairball crossed with a stink bomb inside a world of yoga pant commerce, condo developments, and Macbook “musicians.” This was a revolutionary act, or maybe a devolutionary one, at least.

Meanwhile, Spackler was busying pouring all off his demented ‘70s obsessions into wild three-minute homemade music videos, finding the visual language of fuzz itself inside shitty horror films as he furnished the great infernal drive-in of his mind. Somehow, miraculously, this charming brew conspired to make LA CHINGA the hottest bunch of stoned ape groovers to hot wheel out of the Pacific Northwest since forever. Freewheelin’ followed in 2016 on Small Stone, and so did unhinged tours of Europe, more year-end accolades, and festival slots (420 Fest, Sasquatch). In late 2017, LA CHINGA entered Vancouver’s Warehouse studio with producer Jamey Koch. The result is Beyond The Sky, available this fall via Small Stone. This is how it feels to get chinga’d, amigos. Surf’s up.

“From the Deep Purple rock vibe of ‘Wings Of Fire’ to the Humble Pie slide ‘Keep On Rollin’,’ this is classic rock meant to be played at 11. You may want to break out a pair of GWG wide legs and whip out your air guitar.” — Vancouver Sun

“With its fat guitar riffs, groovy rhythms, and howling vocals, this is the perfect album for a road trip – especially in an old muscle car that can be pushed to high velocities. It is also an album that should only be played loud.” — AXS

“I’m a sucker for a band with a fun name, so it’s no surprise that I dig on Vancouver stoner rockers LA CHINGA. But it also helps that the band’s type of trippy, digestible heavy psych rock also soothes the savage dad within me.” — MetalSucks

“…a collection of eleven tracks topping forty-five minutes that makes the most out of big, unabashed hooks and a classic party-rocking sensibility, from the opening ‘Woo!’ in ‘Nothin’ That I Can’t Do’ into the ’70s-styled ‘Wings Of Fire’ and the proto-metal-turns-stoner-mellow-solo-jam ‘Mama Boogie’… — The Obelisk

“Beyond The Sky fuses the pop sensibility of the hair metal epoch to the more studied professionalism of seventies album rock, the upshot being an undeniably irresistible melange of unbridled fun and sure-footed instrumental mastery. A big market for this retroactive market is blossoming at the moment, especially in the UK, but nobody in that rapidly coalescing scene possess even a jot of the brilliance that you’ll find on devastating opening statement ‘Nothing That I Can’t Do.’” — Sentinel Daily Australia

“…a fun, addicting collection of songs…The band fuses classic influences such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and the MC5 with a touch of psychedelia and dabbles of ’80s glam metal swagger for a sound that will get you on your feet and have you dusting your air guitar out of its case.” — Sea Of Tranquility

“Swinging funky riffs with just a touch of blues and sharpened with rough singing fast drumming, LA CHINGA are an absolute joy to listen to… Beyond The Sky is pumped full of classic sounding bangers.” — Overdrive Magazine

“If their rebellious spirit and top-notch musicianship don’t grab your attention, check your pulse, you may have died without realizing it.” — Mass Movement

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