Down-Temptations Wings Reaction/Review Friday May 31 2019, 10:54 AM
Down-Temptations Wings Reaction/Review

#metalreaction #metalreview #down Down Temptations Wings Reaction/Review What is up ladies and gentleman of youtube, the underground metal gamer is back with another video. Welcome to Metal Reaction wednesdays here on the channel and tonight I am doing a subscriber request and yes you will be seeing these ever wednesday.. but before we get into the video I want to take a minute and get you guys to check out the "help me get to possessed site" and help me reach one of my dreams of interviewing possessed at the quebec death fest... so here it is..... And guys we are back, I also invite you to follow me on all social media you can follow me on instagram- Chrispeeters8705, follow me on twitter @chrispeeters870 and if you want to join our facebook group you can check out the true elite squad 

Also if you want to support the channel through patreon i would greatly appreciate it, it is optional of course and you will receive all kinds of cool perks and content exclusive to patreon not found on youtube..... Alright so the band we are going to be taking a look at tonight is DOWN with the song Temptations Wings from their Debut album NOLA which was released in 1995.

Originally started as a project, made up by members of Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Superjoint Ritual, Crowbar and many others, during the members' "down" times from their respective main bands. When C.O.C. was put on ice in 2006 and Pantera broke up for good in 2003, they decided to make Down their main band. In spite of this, Pepper Keenan is still a member of C.O.C. and Jimmy Bower is still involved in Eyehategod. Todd Strange is credited with playing on NOLA, but all bass on the album was played by Kirk Windstein. Strange was a full member of the band before and after the album was recorded but the other members of the band were not confident he could perform to the standard needed for the recordings.

After the release of the NOLA album, Down called it quits in 1996 because of all members continuing to work on their own projects. They did, however, reform in 1999 and then released their second album Down II, before disappearing once again. After Hurricane Katrina disaster, Down regrouped again for Down III: Over the Under. The title is a reference to the band members getting over various personal low-points, including Katrina and the murder of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Big Ross is generally considered a member of Down despite only making occasional recording contributions and not touring with the band. In late 2009 Rex Brown was hospitalized after being diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. He was replaced onstage by Danny Theriot.

As of June 22, 2011, Rex is no longer part of Down. Alright guys so lets listen to Temptations wings..... and we are back one thing I will say right off the bat that this really reminds me of pantera is so many ways and that is a very good thing. But it also definitely has its own identity that is definitely Swampy bog filled humid southern sludge metal. There is an atmosphere on the polar opposite scale of black metal but it is very similar in terms of being on the other end of that spectrum. Southern swampy sludge metal has an atmosphere that drenches you in sweat, dizziness and exhaustion. Down is a band that seems to be very focused around Phil anselmos battle with drug addiction and other aspects of the mental breakdown that follows as a result of too much excess. With lyrics such as "i gave my life to reason so now I'm watching my life go my wit is falling apart I can't shake temptations wings I can't shake temptations wings"

It can easily be said that this was a very difficult period on phil anselmos life and the over all sheer emotional velocity of this song is absolutely spell binding. The riffing and drums are absolutely perfect and definitely encompass the atmosphere i was talking about before and the vocals are a bit buried under the mix but i think that was intentional. The production is definitely raw on this record and I can't stand production that is too clean as you guys know and it really makes this album shine. Swampy southern groove riffs steeped in boozy drug influenced madness are present here as well.

This is a very psychedelic song with tons of overtones of excess and depression. I can only imagine what phil was going through in the mid 90s with his very intense heroin and pain killer addiction and this album surely encompasses some of his darkest times. This is very very similar to EYEHATEGOD as well and i definitely appreciate that as EYEHATEGOD and DOWN as well as ACID BATH are easily my favorite southern sludge metal bands. Now either you love southern sludge or you despise it. But either way DOWN is a band that should not and cannot be ignored and represent some of the most honest emotional music in the world today! Phil anselmo and company in DOWN is just pure fucking genius. The Final verdict for DOWN-Tempations wings is going to get a 9/10.

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