Sadistik Exekution-The Magus Album Review Wednesday May 29 2019, 1:17 PM
Sadistik Exekution-The Magus Album Review

#deathmetal #blackmetal #review #album Sadistik Exekution The Magus Album Review Alright ladies and gentleman what is up? The underground metal gamer here and im back with another video.. So tonight I am doing another album review for you guys and tonight Ill be looking at SADISTIK EXEKUTION "THE MAGUS" which was released way back in 1986 But before we get into this I want to invite you to follow me on all social media on twitter @chrispeeters870 and on instagram chrispeeters8705 Make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those notifications. You can also check me out on twitch at undergroundmetalelitst.

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Now, In my mind and many other metal heads im sure will agree with me Possessed’s “Seven Churches” is, and always will be the first death metal album. Unfortunately, some misguided fools think that this is disputable, and that the first “real” death metal albums didn’t show up until 1987 with bands such as Death. While opinions will differ here if “Seven Churches” in your mind isnt the first DM album? Well, then you are just a godamned idiot. But i digress now let me draw your attention to Sadistik Exekution “The Magus” Sure it wasn’t actually released until 1991, but if that’s an issue for you? well, then i guess thats your problem.

It’s the same thing as Repulsion really, recorded in ’86 yet released in ’89. “The Magus” is a forgotten classic. “The Magus” is the album that proves that Australia is fucking better than you. Chaotic? YES Brutal YES Hell raising black infused death metal? Oh yeah. This is “Altars of Madness” before “Altars of Madness,” In fact, it’s almost disturbing just how developed this is for it’s time. Don’t think this is just some thrash/black/death album, this is fully fledged blackened death metal. “Altars of Madness” is really the best comparison, and the two albums are very, very similar. Rok sounds like an eviler Dave Vincent, which combined with some heavy vocal reverb makes for some very, very haunting stuff.

The production on this album is Raw, filthy and dirty as well. It certainly sets the tone for this album as well. Think “Altars,” and “Deathcrush.” That’s what “The Magus” sounds like, and if you’re reading this review as a black or death metal fan and thinking, “this album sounds like it kicks ass then you’d be damn correct in your assumption. This is insane for 1991 and like POSSESSED, Sadistik Exekution were definitely creating something new and unique here and even by today’s standards it’s still damn heavy/brutal/evil.

This is also an instant old school DM classic. The album opens with a pummeling Black/Death/Thrash metal epic called THE MAGUS and it just relentlessely pummels your skull in with its blistering speed, wretched vocals, amazing guitar work and brutal drumming. Now, the bass can be heard on this album however as you all know I do like my Bass alot higher in the mix in my metal, but i digress. This is not to say that the album still doesn't kick alot of ass because it certainly does. Next we have Agonizing the dead which kicks in with some really sick ominous guitar melodies and breaks into a slower groovy death/thrash romp with some really great bass licks on this one it sounds deadly. The chanting vocals give it a really eerie desolate feel and certainly lends to the albums overall goal and feel throughout. I really love the bass throughout this track and add the chanting underneath the wretched vocals and you have a really fucking evil song for 1991.... So lets check out Agonizing the dead.....And guys we are back. Now I know alot of people might think this is just another rip off of POSSESSED or perhaps even bands like SLAYER or EXODUS and the like, but I strongly encourage you to reconsider because in my opinion this is a very unique album and also a very unique band. This was some truly dark ominous evil shit for 1991 and in my opinion it certainly set itself apart from many bands around this period.

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