Possessed-Shadowcult Reaction/Review Wednesday May 29 2019, 2:13 PM
Possessed-Shadowcult Reaction/Review

#possessed #shadowcult #review #reaction Possessed Shadowcult Reaction Review Buy Revelations of Oblivion here http://bit.ly/2VnP4lx Check out my merch here https://teespring.com/stores/tumg-tru... Follow me on all social media here https://www.facebook.com/groups/thetr... https://www.facebook.com/damian.c.peters https://twitter.com/Chrispeeters870 https://www.patreon.com/theundergroun... https://www.twitch.tv/undergroundmeta... https://www.instagram.com/chrispeeter... https://untappd.com/user/chrisp8705 https://streamlabs.com/theunderground... What is up ladies and gentleman of youtube? The underground metal gamer is back with another video! And tonight I am doing a reaction review of POSSESSED-Shadowcult which is a killer new track off of Revelations of oblivion which is being released in just 2 short days on may 10th! Go and preorder the album RIGHT NOW and get yourself a copy!! Alright so before we get into this video please go and follow me on all social media.. hit that subscribe button and turn on those notifications... follow me on twitter @chrispeeters870 and on instagram chrispeeters8705 you can also join our facebook group the true elite squad.. also if you want to check out the patreon page.. id greatly appreciate it and support is optional of course but you are going to get exclusive content and rewards not featured on youtube!

Guys i am also excited to tell you about my new TEESPRING store.. so lets check it out.....and we are back! Thank you to all my supporters.. ok so Possessed are getting ready for their killer new release with REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION and I honestly just cannot fucking wait. The godfathers of death metal are back and its about fucking time! Hails to POSSESSED, and all the boys.. love you guys and I cant wait for part 4, got an email from jeff today and he asked if we could do part 4 upon the bands return from touring and i said "of course man no problem" so guys look forward to part 4 of TUMG/POSSESSED productions with another interview i am very excited for that one..

Now, If the tracks NO MORE ROOM IN HELL and ABANDONED are indications of what to expect from this new album.. I can honestly say that there won't be another album of this calbier this year in 2019, except for maybe SLIPKNOT's upcoming album for me as well as Cattle Decapitations upcoming album... these 3 are the ones im most excited about in 2019. This band has really been long overdue for a release and the boys in possessed, Emilio, Jeff,Dan,Claudeous and Robert are so excited for this tour as are the fans..

These guys are miles above POSSESSED's old lineup in my humble opinion and definitely have really stepped up the music for possessed in so many fucking ways it's mindblowing. This is a new Possessed and you know something it is much better than the old band in so many fucking ways. Whether its Emilio's insane fucking drumming, Claudeous and Dan's epic lightning speed guitar work, Roberts thunderous bass or jeff's amazing cavernous roaring vocals or all of this combined? Possessed Truly are not a band that has gotten any less relevant. In fact I would say that POSSESSED are now more revelant than ever before with Revelations of oblivion!

Alright guys so let me mute out the mic and lets listen to Shadowcult!!!.... and we are back, wow this one begins with a really creepy fucking introduction and is very dark and ominous. Then it breaks into the POSSESSED we all know and love, but this time with much more fucking ferocity as i said before this lineup is absolutely devastating and brilliant. Emilio's drumming on this song is absolutely incredible with so much double bass pounding your skull in it will leave your neck broken! Dan and Claudeous' riffing on here really fucking shines as well and pulls you in with their viciousness, Roberts bass backs this attack of evil fucking death metal with thunderous precision and the bass can be heard so well on this as well and jeff..my god..

Jeff your fucking vocals on this record are absolutely mindblowing as well! The godamn soloing on this track is fucking jawdropping and leaves you breathless. The production is absolutely perfect. Not to raw, not too clean and the highs and lows are just fucking perfect! I for one think this mix is perfect! For anyone who thinks POSSESSED have lost any of the magic they had on SEVEN CHURCHES, BEYOND THE GATES, or THE EYES OF HORROR? you are sadly fucking mistaken. This is easily my favorite POSSESSED album and it delivers on every fucking level. Shadowcult is absolutely fucking killer and there is enough of a mix of OLDSCHOOL and NEWSCHOOL POSSESSED to satisfy both new and old fans alike.

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