New Slipknot mask reveal tommorow | Is chris fehn still in the band? Wednesday May 29 2019, 1:13 PM
New Slipknot mask reveal tommorow | Is chris fehn still in the band?

New Slipknot mask reveal|Is chris fehn still in the band? Check out the creepy unsettling intro here- Please support the stream Check out my teespring store for official TUMG merchandise here Remember to please follow me on all social media Alright ladies and gentleman. The New Slipknot masks are less than 24 hours away... Some sick cryptic new intro is on and it is disturbing and unsettling to say the fucking least. But, what does it all mean? If you watch closely at this intro and you pay attention to the still images and other teasers on instagram you can still very much see that CHRIS FEHN's mask is still here, now what does THAT mean exactly? Well if you have been paying attention to the youtube channel "House Of Masks" You will know that the youtuber has been talking about a "CHRIS FEHN" Conspiracy for some time.

I will also note that less than 24 hours after the apparent lawsuit was filed, the band REMOVED the statement from their website that chris fehn was "no longer in slipknot" Chris, also did not post ANYTHING on instagram regarding a lawsuit, nor did he announce any sort of departure from the band.

in a related video which can be found here ..... you will then see that Chris was hired as a MUSICIAN and not a shareholder of the slipknot name and brand and all of its subsidiaries... But i digress, I have said it all along since the VERY FIRST stream i did on this whole situation, That chris fehn HAS NOT been fired, nor has he actually left slipknot. If you want my opinion on this whole matter? it is a test... now some of you might be asking, "what the fuck do you mean its a test" well let's consider some things shall we? When ALL OUT LIFE dropped on oct 31 2018 and the maggots went nuts, we all knew it was a homage to us, the bands legacy etc.. But more importantly..

it is a message to the blind masses of idiots who believe everything they fucking read on social media... the internet... the media online magazines etc... SO, in my mind it's Slipknot trying to prove a fucking point about the decline of human intelligence as a whole. Now what does THAT mean in regards to this new album and this whole chris fehn situation? well it says 3 things to me personally.

1.Chris fehn IS STILL INDEED in slipknot and that people should never believe anything they read online until its CONFIRMED BY THE ACTUAL SOURCE ITSELF, in this case that would be SLIPKNOT THEMSELVES.

2. It was purposely done to hype and create tension and anticipation for how brutal and dark and vile this upcoming album will be, and by doing so they have set the tone and atmosphere for this record as well as its subject matter

3. That Slipknot always fucking tell the truth, have always told the truth and under no circumstances would they want us to believe everything we read, as i stated previously i believe this to be a conspiracy and a test just to see how smart people really are and what they will blindly believe before the album is released!

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