Autopsy-Severed Survival Review Wednesday May 29 2019, 2:52 PM
Autopsy-Severed Survival Review

Autopsy severed survival review In a time when Death metal was in its infancy there was a huge surge of bands rising from the underground in new york, florida and california. Death metal wasn't trendy back then and it sure as hell wasn't something many bands created due to its rejection from alot of thrash metal fans at this time, In fact death metal was met with alot of disdain from alot of metal fans back in the late 80s. But it began to catch on once Possessed and other bands around this time began introducing this new extremely heavy, brutal genre to the masses. Possessed single handedly brought death metal to the world and they get all the respect and admiration in the world from me and they are my favorite death metal band, along with Autopsy,Cattle decapitation as well as Necrophagia and Morbid Angel. In 1987 One of the best bands would emerge from oakland california. Now, don't get me wrong here there are some great acts out there from this time like Possessed, Necrophagia, Death, Morbid Angel, and Obituary.

Alot of these bands took their influences from thrash metal and early black metal and built on that foundation. Autopsy are one of the undisputed kings of gore influenced death metal that manage to match their lyrics with a sound that is just as repugnant and decayed and downright fucking filthy! Few bands can come close to creating an experience like Autopsy. This album will suffocate you with blood splattered images of a deranged surgical team performing horrific experiments and surgeries without any anesthesia. as it buries you in a shallow grave of twisted riffs, pummeling drums, and a very thick murky bass that only add to the incredible disgusting atmosphere along with the monstrous vocals. Occasionally it will let you gasp for air but not for long as it does not let up until the 42 mins are over. Autopsy is definitely one of those bands that will leave you wanting more! The music is downright fucking catchy but also brutal enough to be Pure fucking death metal! So lets check out Charred Remains by Autopsy!!!! and we are back!

The first thing one will notice is the production and how murky and filthy it sounds. Murky in the sense that its bass heavy but completely discernible with respect to the guitars, bass, drums and vocals. The guitars have enough crunch to them to make them not overly distorted or intense and the bass is super audible with a bright sound that goes well with the way everything sounds and it really fits together fucking flawlessly! The bass really adds a lot of depth and brutality but doesn't over power anything, and the mix is fucking perfect! It gives the album that unique murky feel to it.

Everything feels natural and organic including the drums and vocals which Chris Reifert does both. This signature sound is what works so well for Autopsy as it is what they were known for; dingy, rotten disgusting putrid death metal. The emphasis as far as the actual music goes with Autopsy is never on speed or technicality but where the songs traverse and the atmosphere they create. They have fast early thrash metal parts (no blast beats to be found here), slow doom sections and plenty of chug filled mid-paced rompers. You can hear the Hellhammer/Celtic Frost influence in songs like Ridden with Disease, Gasping for Air and Disembowel.

However Autopsy is easily recognizable and have their own unique sound and style that immediately lets you know its Autopsy! There are definitely sections influenced by doom metal like the intro to Embalmed and Critical Madness but not in a traditional sense but twisted into a unique way that sounds like a demented Black Sabbath. Steve DiGorgio's bass playing really adds to the slow sections since his bass is very audible and it adds a sense of foreboding and terror to the atmosphere. He tends to play away from the guitars sometimes adding little licks like in Disembowel. The solo's and lead guitar parts are very tight, using a bit of technical ability, some melody and being frantic and crazed when needed.

It never feels forced in to make a song longer which is something i really appreciate alot! I hate it when bands are overly technical just for the sake of "Showing off" when it isnt needed. Autopsy are definitely a band that opt for a "less is more" mentality and approach and instead they are all about Primal rythm and drumming that really adds to the disgusting putrid horrific atmosphere that only Autopsy can create! Alright guys lets check out one more track here with "Service from a vacant coffin!" The thing that really wraps this album up is the vocals. Chris Reifert displays some of the most rotten sounding vocal styles in death metal while drumming which is extremely unique and not many drummers in metal are vocalists so this really adds a unique sound to the chaotic brutality He sounds like a man choking on his blood and guts with his low gruff growls and a madman with his screams.

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