Slipknot Unsainted Reaction/Review Wednesday May 29 2019, 12:54 PM
Slipknot Unsainted Reaction/Review

#slipknot #unsainted #reaction Slipknot-Unsainted Reaction/Review Pre-order "WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND" here Tracklisting:

1. "Insert Coin"

2. "Unsainted"

3. "Birth of the Cruel"

4. "Death Because of Death"

5. "Nero Forte"

6. "Critical Darling"

7. "Liar's Funeral"

8. "Red Flag"

9. "What's Next"

10. "Spiders"

11. "Orphan"

12. "My Pain"

13. "Not Long for This World"

14. "Solway Firth"

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of THE SLIPKNOT SICCNESS. In this new slipknot installment Myself and JustJoshingYT collaborate and give our thoughts to the brand new SLIPKNOT song Unsainted. We also discussed the meaning of the song, the album title "we are not your kind" as well as the supporting conclusion that Chris Fehn is still very much a part of SLIPKNOT. It logically makes complete sense to me and I fully believe he is still there and that have resolved their differences amicably. If people choose to believe chris fehn has been replaced thats their choice. I personally do not believe it whatsoever.

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