"Dirt [Redux]" THOU premiere 'Them Bones' Wednesday September 16 2020, 12:00 AM
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"Dirt [Redux]" THOU premiere 'Them Bones'

THOU  have released a cover of the classic ALICE IN CHAINS track  'Them Bones',  which is featured on the forthcoming MER Redux series installment  "Dirt [Redux]" . More information about this record can be found below.
This premiere has been first published by official media partner  Revolver (US) , which can still be accessed via the following link:  www.revolvermag.com/music/ hear-thous-gnarly-cover-alice- chains-them-bones
The track is also out on  YouTube  now:
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THOU  comment on 'Them Bones': "It seemed inevitable that we'd do another Alice in Chains song since their music was such a big part of Matthew's and my formative years", claims  singer Bryan Funck  about himself and  guitarist Matthew Thudium . "We had covered 'No Excuses' some years ago, but it never quite got the reaction I thought it deserved, and our arrangement was a slowed-down and kind of left-field take on the song. With 'Them Bones' we had a chance to tackle a song that more directly translated to our style. The song had been on my mind anyway; I had recently listened to a podcast that dissected all the tracks on 'Dirt' and it really dawned on me that opening the album with 'Them Bones' was such a bold and cool move. No count off, no intro, just straight into the insanity."
About ALICE IN CHAINS the singer adds: "I first heard Alice in Chains when 'Rooster' came on the radio, probably not long after its release, maybe late '92 or early '93 – I was 10 years old; just a kid listening to the local rock radio station and taping the songs I liked, making these poor quality mixtapes", says Bryan. "I taped 'Rooster' and the following weekend brought it over to Matthew's house so he could hear it. I remember going into his room and he was listening to the song 'Connected' by Stereo MC's, who were a one-hit-wonder Madchester/Happy Mondays-type band. I put my 'Rooster' cassette in and his mind was completely blown. Neither of us had heard anything that heavy or dark yet – our favorite band at that point was probably Pearl Jam. Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit here, but I think that's what set him on a path of listening to heavier stuff, as it was for me."
THOU  formed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005 and have released 5 studio albums. The US-band has been described as playing experimental doom,  stoner metal, and sludge metal. To this list, Revolver just added "sludge-punk experimentalist" – probably in reference to the band's DIY ethics and anarchistic style of lyrics.  THOU 's 2014 full-length "Heathen" was hailed as "metal album of the year" by Pitchfork.
THE DIRT [Redux] cover
Tracklist 1. THOU - Them Bones
2. LOW FLYING HAWKS - Dam That River
3. HIGH PRIEST - Rain When I Die
4. KHEMMIS - Down in a Hole
5. THESE BEASTS - Sickman
6. HOWLING GIANT - Rooster
7. FORMING THE VOID - Junkhead
8. SOMNURI - Dirt
10. BLACK ELECTRIC - Iron Gland
11. - (16) - - Hate to Feel
12. VOKONIS - Angry Chair
13. THE OTOLITH - Would?
This volume of Magnetic Eye's "Redux" Series revisits a legendary milestone of the grunge era, in which an array of artists from across the doom and stoner metal underground re-imagine ALICE IN CHAINS' nightmare creation of drug-seeking impulses and inner darkness, "Dirt". Comparisons between grunge and the development of sludgy stoner metal can clearly be traced to this album, which remains a cornerstone at the base of a cultural shift from vapid early 90s hair metal into something more raw, grimey, and real as a preeminent style of popular heavy music.
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Available formats ► Digisleeve CD
► Limited edition yellow/red marble vinyl
► Limited edition blue vinyl
► Limited edition transparent yellow vinyl

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