BÁRBARA BLACK's album "Love, Death & Flies" Reviewed by ODYMETAL Tuesday September 8 2020, 12:00 AM
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BÁRBARA BLACK's album "Love, Death & Flies" Reviewed by ODYMETAL

BÁRBARA BLACK is a solo project created by the Spanish singer in 2016, which then became a group, which produced her third album "Love, Death & Flies" in a melodic hard rock / metal inspired with southern rock colors. The titles are embellished with a great vocal diversity proposed by the singer Barbara who brings a plus by navigating in several registers that I invite you to discover.
From the first muscular and tonic notes of “Damnified” we want to know the rest. The title with certain passages reminds us of KORE ROZZIK and a heavy side emerges as on "Tiger Tamer" with hardcore choirs, a melodic chorus and solo with a more relaxed break and atmospheric limit.
"No Bullets" presents an alternation of rhythmic and more relaxed passages with the intervention of a singer with serious and scuffled vocalizations for an excellent duet.
Acoustic southern rock debut for "Desert's Last Drop" more relaxed with a rise in musical and vocal power and for "Don't Play With Fire" which then hardens
On "Kissed By Flames" the metal side comes out with this riff d entry, very deep growls but the southern rock passages are not forgotten, giving a tasty dosage, Bàrbara's voice becoming almost lyrical at times.
"Heroes Above the Stars" is calmer with this very melodic rock influence which comes out in a very catchy way.
The surprise of the opus will come from the title "Twister Girl" which releases a very rock'n'roll soul which swings hard, the guitar playing is remarkable as is the solo.
Darker atmosphere, with a heavy aspect for "Vampire Love: Chapter I - You Belong To Me" with heavy guitars, but also  for "Vampire Love: Chapter II -   Queen of Flies"   more jerky, more aggressive with short haunting chorus passages and plaintive solo.
In the end, an excellent opus, very pleasant to listen to and which brings novelty compared to what we can usually hear. There is still something happening that hits the mark, no doubt thanks to this feeling of freshness, mainly due to the singer's remarkable performance.
MONKEYMETAL aka Troll / ODYMETAL / on 01.09.2020.




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