Metal-Rules Premiere of Riverbed Empire by WinterheartH Thursday August 20 2020, 6:15 PM
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Metal-Rules Premiere of Riverbed Empire by WinterheartH

Hear the new album and read about the behind the scenes of Riverbed Empire on one of heavy metal’s most trusted sources for great music since 1995!
Link opens Friday 12:00 PM (Midnight EST) 2020/08/21/winterhearth-metal- rules-premiere-of-new-album- riverbed-empire-and-a-short- chat-about-the-album/
Andrew Marsh answers Editor-in-Chief EvilG’s questions about featured guests Anabelle Iratni (Devilment) and Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation/Brought by Pain), working with Mark Richards of Heavy Hand Illustrations for the standout artwork, and how lineup changes affected the band. When Still Heavy Productions (WinterheartH’s management team) asked Andrew about premiering the new music in Metal-Rules he exclaimed, “It feels surreal, Metal-Rules is a site I have religiously followed since I was 12 years old!”  
A couple of early reviews are in and they like what they hear.
Occult Black Metal Zine - 8/10
“Production sounds very professional… another great album from WinterheartH!”
Breaking Necks Metal Blog - 5/5
“The metal gods have spoken to me. “Riverbed Empire" by WinterheartH is a solid 5 out of 5 broken necks. This kind of quality isn’t found every day.”



Facebook: winterhearthmetal           
Instagram: winterhearthmetal/
Contact:  winterhearthband@       
Independent Management: Anthony Carew

Performed with touring artists:
Anvil, Cauldron, Warsenal, Mesrine, Sentimental Gentlemen, Mokomokai, Black Tremor, Engage the Threat, Occult Burial, Dumpster Mummy, Black Moor, Orchid’s Curse.

Speak No Evil (EP, 2013) 
Curse the Summer (2015) 
Resettlement (2016)
Riverbed Empire (Spring 2020)

Compilation/Split features: 
Imperative Music VIII (2014) 
Winterhearth/Athanor (2015)
Pest Logos (2016)
Imperative Music XIV (2017)
Still Heavy Newfoundland (2017)
Still Heavy Eastern Canada (2019)


“Curse the Summer was declared a triumph from local music media, with their sophomore effort Resettlement taking that momentum to a whole new level.”
- Dillon Collins, Metal Injection

Hidden Gems of The Great White North
“Winterhearth has created some extreme metal that runs deeper than the standard Blackened Thrash moniker.”
-Kelley Simms, Bravewords

Northern Exposure
“I just love the sound and the rawness of [Curse the Summer], very intense and extreme but very melodic and deep.”

-David Maloney, Metalheads Forever

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