RANDY BLYTHE On Not Being Able To Tour During Coronavirus Crisis: 'Compared To Prison, It's A Breeze' Monday June 8 2020, 7:39 PM
RANDY BLYTHE On Not Being Able To Tour During Coronavirus Crisis: 'Compared To Prison, It's A Breeze'

In a new interview with   Alternative Press ,   LAMB OF GOD   frontman   Randy Blythe   was asked how he feels about not being able to tour during the coronavirus crisis, especially since most bands make a living from playing shows.

"For me, it makes me glad I'm in a successful enough band that I saved up some money," he responded. "B, I live in an area that has a relatively low cost of living. C, it makes me think more about younger bands that don't have the following we do and don't have a record in the can. I'm trying to think about other people. Because I'm going to be all right. I'm not a millionaire or anything. But I live frugally. And I've been through hard times before this. Sitting inside with the Internet and a cellphone and all my shit — compared to prison, it's a breeze."

Music executives have said that fans may need to wait until 2021 before concerts return. In the meantime, there will likely be smaller theater shows, with reduced audiences to enable social distancing.

A   New York Times   article published late last month included interviews with a number of prominent music industry executives, who all pointed to the summer of 2021 as the time when they can realistically expect the concert business to get back on track.

In 2012,   Blythe   was arrested in the Czech Republic and charged with manslaughter for allegedly pushing a 19-year-old fan offstage at a show two year prior and causing injuries that led to the fan's death.   Blythe   spent 37 days in a Prague prison before ultimately being found not guilty in 2013.

LAMB OF GOD   will release its new, self-titled album on June 19 via   Epic Records   in the U.S. and   Nuclear Blast Records   in Europe. The follow-up to 2015's   "VII: Sturm Und Drang"   marks   LAMB OF GOD 's first recordings with   Art Cruz , who joined the band last year as the replacement for the group's founding drummer,   Chris Adler .

"Lamb Of God"   was recorded with longtime producer   Josh Wilbur   ( KORN ,   MEGADETH ,   GOJIRA ,   TRIVIUM ) and includes special guest appearances by   Jamey Jasta   ( HATEBREED ) and   Chuck Billy   ( TESTAMENT ).

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