Pittsburgh’s After The Fall, debuts new lyric vid for “New S.A.” - gearing up for new album release in 2020. Thursday October 17 2019, 6:04 PM
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Pittsburgh’s After The Fall, debuts new lyric vid for “New S.A.” - gearing up for new album release in 2020.

The high-energy fire burns hot with New S.A. – the brand-new single from After the Fall – Bombastic and contemporary with a sonic implosion best describes the song. It’s a musical peek into modern America and the trials and tribulations that we are facing – what we used to be is not what we are now – Welcome To The New S.A. 

Vocalist Doug Carnahan adds: 

“It's an honest self-reflection of where we are as a country, from a neutral standpoint.  We're not a political band, but we are all observational, and all Americans. "New S.A." is simply that, a song written by someone who cares about their country, who hopes others care, too.” 

The single is now available to audiences worldwide in digital format along with the brand-new lyric video which can be viewed here:


After the Fall is a 4-piece, original hard rock band formed in 2003. Having undergone several lineup changes over the years, the band met with success soon after their formation, but it's their current incarnation that has the city of Pittsburgh, and cities throughout the country, abuzz. With Matt Ferrante on drums, Steve Craven on bass, Zac Shepard on guitar, and Doug Carnahan on vocals/guitar, they've made a bang in Pittsburgh and surrounding regions since the addition of Carnahan on vocals back in the spring of 2012. More recently, they would replace longtime guitarist Brandon Cornish with Zac Shepard to solidify the attitude that the band was looking for. They've shared the stage with such national acts as Warrant, Sevendust, Corrosion of Conformity, Hurt, Primer 55, and more and have played in cities across the country, turning heads and recruiting new fans as if their lives depended on it.

Their sound is reminiscent of some of the great hard rock bands of the late 80's, early 90's, yet still stands out amongst their contemporaries as fresh, melodic, and just plain catchy. They're songs are predominantly driving, radio friendly, hard rock songs, infused with attention commanding guitar riffs, topped off with vocals and lyrics that drive their point straight home, and often through the heart. 


After The Fall Band Is:

Doug Carnahan – Lead Vocals, Primary Songwriter

Matt Ferrante – Drums, Vocals

Steve Craven - Bass, Vocals

Zac Shepard - Guitars, Vocals

For More Info:

                             Web - https://www.rflrecords.com/after-the-fall

                             Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/afterthefall

                             Twitter - https://twitter.com/AtFbandrocks


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