SIMMONS ACCUSER TO DROP LAWSUIT Thursday April 25 2019, 11:16 PM
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According to The Blast , the woman who accused Gene Simmons of groping her during the opening of his family restaurant chain wants the case dismissed.

The woman — who sued the KISS bassist/vocalist under the name Jane Doe — filed a request for dismissal Wednesday in Los Angeles. The case was originally filed in December of last year, and the woman claims she was working at a dishwasher at Gene 's restaurant, Rock & Brews , back in 2016 during the launch party.

The request is asking for the case to be dismissed with prejudice, which means it's over and done with. The documents don't say if a settlement was reached, but a request for a dismissal from the plaintiff is indicative that something was worked out between the two parties.

Once a judge signs off on the request for dismissal, the case will be completely finished.

The woman said she was working as a dishwasher at the Highland, California location of Rock & Brews restaurant chain in 2016. According to the lawsuit, which can be found below, Gene was visiting the restaurant, and Gene 's manager and the woman's co-workers encouraged her to take a photo with the KISS star. The woman claimed Gene 's manager encouraged her to move closer, and when she did, Gene allegedly "reached over and forcefully placed his hand on her vagina completely covering it." The woman said she tried to stop Gene , and once the photo was taken, she showed it to co-workers. The woman accused Gene of acting in a "sexually charged" manner to other women during the visit, touching their hand and encouraging them to unbutton their shirts.

Jane Doe also named Rock & Brews as a defendant, claiming the company was negligent because it "had advanced knowledge" that Simmons "would engage in unlawful conduct based on previous complaints and lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct." Simmons co-founded the company in 2012.

Simmons settled a separate lawsuit for sexual assault last year after a reporter accused him of groping her, once again at the opening of a Rock & Brews eatery. In that case, the woman claimed he made "unwanted, unwarranted sexual advances" during a radio interview, including touching her buttocks after posing for a photo. The alleged incident also took place at the Highland, California Rock & Brews location. Simmons settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount in July 2018. Simmons was previously sued for sexual assault in 2010 by a makeup artist who claimed he humped her while she was working at an ESPN broadcasting studio.

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