Two-Hours' Podcast Journey With STEVE DI GIORGIO Wednesday April 17 2019, 10:06 PM
 Two-Hours' Podcast Journey With STEVE DI GIORGIO

Just recently, our fretless guru STEVE DI GIORGIO joined Leon and Mike on Double Hell Episode 6 Podcast and landed a 2 hours talking covering amazing and interesting approaches into Steve's musical journey: Growing up in the bay area, bass style and building the Frankenstein Bass, Amazing Cliff Burton story, who influenced, Forming Sadus and Early days, joining Death, Playing on early Autopsy album, meeting and joining Sebastian Bach Band, recording with Sebastian Bach, in walks Axl Rose, playing on James Murphy solo album and joining Testament the first time. Steve extensive session work, forming Spirits Of Fire, what is going on now and more Something anyone who appreciate the lowend delivered by the guru should check!

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