Northern Quebec’s BACKSTABBER Makes You Question Reality w/ Debut “Conspiracy Theorist” Out Feb 2019 Wednesday December 19 2018, 8:27 PM
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Northern Quebec’s BACKSTABBER Makes You Question Reality w/ Debut “Conspiracy Theorist” Out Feb 2019

L-R: Patrick Gagné (Drums), Christian M. Thériault (Guitars & Vocals), Éric Séguin (Bass & Back Vocals)

BACKSTABBER, from Rouyn-Noranda, in Northern Quebec, Canada is unleashing raw fury with their first full-length album “Conspiracy Theorist”. The 10 track album is a fierce debut encompassing themes of scandals, a critique of mainstream media and conspiracies such as hollow Earth.

Remaining old school, there are no clean vocals or breakdowns here, just a solid and mature death/thrash metal album, with good flow and clear thought in the tracks and compositions.

"'Conspiracy Theorist' is an album that's meant to open your mind about the way the world revolves around us as it offers a new perspective on many issues that we see in our lives.” says vocalist/guitarist Christian M. Thériault

BACKSTABBER currently has two singles out from "Conspiracy Theorist", “Subterranean” and “No Privacy”. "Subterranean" is a fast-paced revisit to the legacy of Admiral Richard E. Byrd and the theory of Hollow Earth, which was presumably researched during World War II by both German and American forces.

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“No Privacy” is a brutal track focusing on the pervasive usage of metadata collection and their multiple applications merged with quantum analyzing.



"Conspiracy Theorist" will be available worldwide as of February 15th, 2019 through Bandcamp and iTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Inaugural Address (1:18)
2. Whistle Blower (2:46)
3. No Privacy (3:35)
4. Subterranean (3:26)
5. Ink Spill (3:19)
6. The Hum (1:55)
7. My Disclosure (3:32)
8. Geo Engineering (3:37)
9. Banksters (4:06)
10. Conspiracy Theorist (4:50)
Album Length: 32:28

Christian M. Theriault – Guitars & Vocals
Eric Seguin – Bass
Patrick Gagne – Drums

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Hailing from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, Backstabber is a formidable death/thrash metal trio inspired by conspiracies, new technologies, philosophy, and history. Covering a vast number of themes throughout their music, Backstabber can be likened to a ‘loose cannon’ with no foreshadowing of what direction they will take next, musically.

Starting with themes and gradually adding riffs, drums, bass and finally vocals, they pride themselves on complimenting their compositions with energetic and interactive live shows, the entire reason for them writing their music.

Eager to bring raw and fierce metal to the ears of listeners, Backstabber has recorded their first full-length "Conspiracy Theorist" set to be released February 15, 2019.

Backstabber has shared the stage with Cattle Decapitation, Depths of Hatred, First Fragment, Ending Tyranny, Insurrection, Blinded by Faith, Aepoch and more.

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