Foetal Juice - "Masters of Absurdity" Thursday March 30 2017, 9:56 PM
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Foetal Juice - "Masters of Absurdity"

Foetal Juice have been on the Extreme Metal Underground circuit for well over ten years now, a band with a passion for the gory and perverted side of life, introducing black humour and pure horror with subject matter including strange sects of nuns who piss in the font and eat their own shit as a form of worship, creepy bar flies that wait till women leave then furiously sniff their seats to inhale the sweet pheromones and George CorpseGrinder Fishers neck exploding from playing too much WOW.

They continue to consistently play various shows, building up a healthy following playing alongside many of the genres heavyweights, headlining their own shows, playing with local metal acts and appearing in some of the most prestigious extreme metal festivals in and around Europe.

In Dec 2016 they released their debut album 'Masters of Absurdity" a violent none stop slab of nasty Death/Black/Grind gristle to get your teeth around and is available to stream, download and purchase physical copies though their band camp, bigcartel, soptify and various other outlets.

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