HEART's ANN WILSON Releases Music Video For Cover Of LESLEY GORE's 'You Don't Own Me' Thursday November 1 2018, 8:30 PM
 HEART's ANN WILSON Releases Music Video For Cover Of LESLEY GORE's 'You Don't Own Me'

HEART singer Ann Wilson has released the official music video for her version of Lesley Gore 's fearless 1963 hit "You Don't Own Me" . The song features a guest appearance by guitarist Warren Haynes and is taken from her latest album, "Immortal" , which was released in September. The disc features 10 musically diverse tracks that pay tribute to some of Ann 's influences and friends who've recently passed and whose music poignantly lives on.

Ann recently discussed her reasoning for including the 1960s track on the album, telling Yahoo! : " 'You Don't Own Me' first came out at a time when Lesley Gore was only a teenager… It was a really bold move for a teenage girl to stand up and face her boyfriend and say, 'Hey, I don't belong to you… That was a huge move back then, and it just grew and grew into what they now call a feminist anthem. But when I do it, I think it's more about respect. It could be about anybody. It's for anybody now. The song has really become a lot more universal than just a feminist anthem. It is one, but it goes a lot farther than that. And that's why I chose it, because in this era of people standing up for their choice of who they are, they can marry who they want. They can say, 'Me too.' They just should have respect, and they can proclaim it."

For "Immortal" , which marks her debut for BMG , Ann has teamed with original HEART producer Mike Flicker . " Mike was the first producer to believe in me," Ann says. "He was my first teacher in the studio and knows how to provide that special support needed to bring out my soul in the recording process. It is exciting to work with him for the first time since 1980. I have traveled many, many miles since then but the old feeling is still there and fresh on 'Immortal' . He has fearlessly helped me bring my ideas to life once again and it's been a great collaboration."

Photo credit: Kimberly Adamis Via Blabbermouth

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