MALOMBRA - T.R.E.S. - Reviewed By saitenkult! Friday January 26 2024, 12:35 PM
MALOMBRA - T.R.E.S. - Reviewed By saitenkult!

MALOMBRA - T.R.E.S. - Reviewed By saitenkult ! check it out here at this link:

Here they are again, the masters of progressive and highly Italian metal with the shot Gothic. MALOMBRA actually complete the work that was to become their master exam after more than 25 years. The Italians tear "T.R.E.S. - from the mouth of the time continuum, drag it from 1994 into the contemporary chaos of the year 2023.

Of course, 'T.R.E.S' corresponds to the word "three" and should have become the third publication of MALOMBRA. But everything turned out differently, for twenty years the fate of the band seemed to be sealed, while the grass began to grow over history.

However, singer Mercy did not let up, at least tried to involve old band members in the recordings at least mentally or over the distance and finally recorded "T.R.E.S with guitarist/bassist Matteo, who was already present in the 1990s, and the drummers Fabio Cuomo and Giulio Gaietto.

This acronym 'T.R.E.S' already appeared in the booklet of the 1996 work "Our Lady Of The Bones". TRES was also the nickname of an enigmatic secret society, the sect of all sects, and was in Umberto Eco's novel for "Templi Resurgentes Equites Synarchici".

The foundation for the screenplay by MALOMBRA.

The seven minutes of 'Astarte Syriaca': Suddenly, a drum set rolls over the listener like thundercrokes. Then the rhythm department as a whole beats the darkness through the room, while the keys emit their horrosque tones when the spiral staircase entered. Mercy sings and recites his text stoically over everything, but suddenly he walks up with the vibrations.

Then the nine minutes of Bacchanalia: For the dark Orgel sound, Mercy presents his text. The rhythm is hammering, the chant ever faster and more hectic until it strives towards the light singing. This is followed by the twelve minutes once tested live by 'Malombra': piano keys of the shudder between a ghostly atmosphere form the foundation for the scene in which the drums consist of the battle, the guitar takes on her morbid melody and Mercy lives out.

The five minutes of 'Allucinazione Ipnagogica': airy sneak over the roofs in the darkness. The seventeen minutes of 'Cerchio Gaia 666' follows on: the mood is determined by the mystical synthesizer and organ sounds. The dance and singing on the rope begins, the fanfares seem to seal the fate.

The rest of seven minutes of 'Fantasmagoria 1914': they wander through the night of evil, although singing and melody sound almost happily. The last three minutes of La Sola Immanenza: The instruments list the final dance interludes, for the midnight exit walkways. Mercy speaks his last words to the bell sound.

(8 points) saitenkult

Release Date: 10TH March, 2023

FFO: Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator

Location: Genova - Italy

We are excited to announce that MALOMBRA, the Italian progressive metal band, is set to release their latest album T.R.E.S in 2023. The band was founded by Renato Carpaneto, Matteo Ricci, Fabio Casanova, Mario Paglieri, and Luca Brengio, and released their first album Malombra in 1993, followed by Our Lady of The Bones in 1996. In 2001, they released Dissolution Age with only Mercy from the original line-up. T.R.E.S marks the end of a work that began in 1996 with the original line-up, and we can't wait to hear what MALOMBRA has in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Current line-up:
Voice and lyrics: Renato “Mercy” Carpaneto
Guitars: Matteo Ricci
Mauro Sciaccaluga: Guitars
Daniele Gasparini: Bass
Airon: Keyboards
Fabio Cuomo: Drums

All records were released on Black Widow Records!

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