Helms Deep - Treacherous Ways - reviewed By saitenkult! Wednesday January 24 2024, 8:37 PM
Helms Deep - Treacherous Ways - reviewed By saitenkult!

Helms Deep - Treacherous Ways - Reviewed By saitenkult ! Check it out https://www.saitenkult.de/2023/10/16/helms-deep-treacherous-ways/

The sirens start, machine gun volleys and then 'Fire Rain' starts. The pace picks up and the guy sings like he's risen from the NWoBHM grave. The guy is bandleader, singer and guitarist Alex Sciortino. He set the band from Florida on the hard classic metal path. Rough and unaffected, it rings in your ears as if the 80s weren't over yet. No wonder, RAVEN bassist John Gallagher supports as well as Mike Heller (RAVEN, FEAR FACTORY, MALIGNANCY) on drums. The band doesn't lack credibility.

And like With RAVEN, they always charge forward without compromise, driven by Mike's hard drumming. The title song would have been on one of the early RIOT albums. Hard riffs, high-pitched vocals and neat guitar breaks that constantly realign the song. 'Fight Or Flight' picks up the pace, but always remains melodic and is a good sing-along banger. Alex is a pretty virtuoso guitarist. 'Medusa's Requiem' initially starts with male choir singing, but then immediately switches back to headbanger mode. But it doesn't really get to the point either.

Unlike 'Annihilation', which is very pleasing with the opening riff and then really accelerates. There it is, the spirit of optimism of the 80s, when metal flattened everything else musical. Mike Heller is drumming himself into shape. That can inspire. And reminds us of heroes like OMEN. 'Breaking The Seal' then loses the metallic thread along the way despite the strong riff. 'The Keep' is more convincing again, without really blowing you away. 'Sorcery' is more oriented towards the epic roots of metal and brings more melody into play. That fits, so from the chorus. In between there is crazy laughter and melodic guitar lines. The 'Headless Horseman', introduced with a lot of acoustic guitars, is also nice and then turns into a metal fireworks display, interspersed with breaks and clever guitar passages. 'Serpent's Eye' then ends the album as a straight speed banger without any real highlights.

Cover artwork legend Michael Whelan contributed the cover artwork. You can hardly get more 80s metal cult. I can never get enough of classic, fast metal like this. When writing songs, the so-called “compromises” have to be made every now and then. This is not always metallic gold, sometimes a little tin. Available limited to 500 on vinyl or cassette and CD, of course also limited. And even more limited sets. Not only, but especially for nostalgics.

(7.5 points) saitenkult

Release Date: September 5, 2023 

FFO: Attacker, Liege Lord, Nasty Savage.   

Location: Florida, USA

Nameless Grave Records is excited to announce the release of Helms Deep’s devastating debut album, Treacherous Ways, on CD and a special limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies on classic black wax, with exciting diehard options for both formats! Helms Deep was formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Alex Sciortino to channel his love of classic heavy metal and is rounded out by the thunderous bass playing and backup vocals of John Gallagher ( Raven ) as well as by the meticulous drumming and songwriting of Mike Heller ( Raven , Malignancy).

Across 11 tracks of old school heavy and power metal devastation, Treacherous Ways shows Helms Deep both as the rabid adherents to the old school and as the amazing modern musicians that they are- high octave screams, ripping guitar riffs, devastating drum fills and melodic and enigmatic bass lines create something that’s as unique as it is catchy and nostalgic. With a classic painting from the legendary Michael Whelan gracing the album’s cover and organic studio production from Lasse Lammert (Sigh, Glacier, Raven), Helms Deep have brought the spirit of the old back with a vengeance on this excellent debut show of force.

Diehard sets are strictly limited to 50 copies of each format, including a CD or LP, a woven patch, and a flag measuring approximately 2.3' x 3' (70 cm by 93 cm). The diehard set is ONLY available from the label webstore or from the Helms Deep bandcamp page!

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