Starlit Melancholy - To Wilt Beneath the Stars - Reviewed By fullmetalmayhem! Wednesday January 24 2024, 8:21 PM
Starlit Melancholy - To Wilt Beneath the Stars - Reviewed By  fullmetalmayhem!

Starlit Melancholy - To Wilt Beneath the Stars - Reviewed By   fullmetalmayhem ! Check it out here

Band name and album title: Starlit Melancholy with To Wilt beneath the Stars

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Release date and label: He self-released the album on September 22, 2023.

Other releases by the band: After a demo, it is the second album of this one-man project.

How I met the band: Metal Devastation Radio also sent me the songs. I'm always a bit skeptical about Atmospheric Black Metal because it's usually just mediocre, often pretty crap and rarely really any good. But that's one of the reasons for this blog, that I listen to genres that I don't like so much, so let's have a listen:

What do I think of the record: As expected, the tempo remains rather moderate and the music is very melodic. The synths are clearly in the foreground, while the guitar only has a supporting function. The drums are present, nothing more needs to be said. As for the singing, it's not bad, but without much variation, just simple croaking. As I feared, the music remains stuck in mediocrity, with no outliers in one direction or the other, but I was hoping for a little more from the band name.

Conclusion: If you can really get something out of the genre, you can listen to this once, but it certainly won't work for the rest. Too much fuss, too melodic, without the music evoking any emotions as it should. If you're interested, you can listen here: fullmetalmayhem

 Release Date: September 22, 2023 

FFO: Ghost Bath, Deafheaven, Woods of Desolation

Location: Lafayette, Indiana

Starlit Melancholy, a one-man atmospheric black metal project from Lafayette, Indiana, has released a new album titled To Wilt Beneath the Stars. Drawing inspiration from various genres, this album is a dreamy and melodic follow-up to the cosmic-themed 2021 release Astral Tears. The album features a blend of happy-sounding riffs and melancholic tones, creating a contrast that reflects the idea of deceitful happiness in musical form. To Wilt Beneath the Stars takes the listeners on a journey of existential gloom, exploring themes of nature, and delving into the depths of one's own self.

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