Press release Band ORTHOSTAT releases new album "The Heat Death" Monday November 20 2023, 4:56 PM
Press release  Band ORTHOSTAT releases new album "The Heat Death"

Origin: Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina/Brazil – Official release date: 10/04/2023

The band ORTHOSTAT is proudly announcing the release of their newest album, titled “The Heat Death”, which will reach the public on November 4, 2023, through Eternal Hatred Records in conjunction with MS Metal Agency Brasil. The album has a theme about the beginning and end of the universe, about a morbid and dark vision. The band presents dense, heavy, dark death metal, with technical passages and doom metal passages, along the lines of old 90's death metal.

The conception process for this album began in 2019, when founding member David Lago began sketching out the theoretical concept that would serve as the album's core. One of the songs on the album, "Gravity", was even performed live during the "weekend tour" before becoming the third track on the album. Composition and sound creation took place during the pandemic, with all band members contributing to the creative process.

Recordings took place at the end of 2022, with guitars, bass and vocals being recorded in the band members' home studios. The drums were recorded at Daniel Stiegler's "Marmotas Estúdio", located in Rio Negrinho/SC. The album's production was handled by David Lago and Rudolph Hille, with mixing and mastering being done by Rudolph Hille.

The line-up during the recording of the album was as follows:

    Igor Thomaz (Drums)
    • Eduardo Arbigaus (Bass)
    • Rudolph Hille (Guitars and Keyboards)
    • David Lago (Guitars and Vocals)

The album's cover art was meticulously hand-painted by Marcio Blasphemator, while the booklet was designed by Igor Thomaz, ensuring that the album's aesthetic is as captivating as its music.

ORTHOSTAT is also known for its audiovisual work, and the music videos for the songs "Hydrogen" and "Nothingness" were produced by the band themselves, demonstrating their versatility and dedication to their art.

The album "The Heat Death" is now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in ORTHOSTAT's unique and immersive atmosphere. You can find the album at:

To watch the band's music videos, visit ORTHOSTAT's official YouTube channel at

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