New Promo: Chris Maragoth - Remembrance (feat. Cherry Summerfield) - (Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore) Monday October 9 2023, 12:50 PM
New Promo: Chris Maragoth - Remembrance (feat. Cherry Summerfield) - (Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore)

Release Date: October 6, 2023

FFO: Arch Enemy, Jinjer, The Agonist

Location: Magdeburg, Germany 

Chris Maragoth is a musician and the creator behind the self-titled musical project from Germany. With a history of exploring various musical endeavors, the project was born in February 2017, signifying a crucial moment in Chris's ongoing musical journey. His music embraces themes of darkness and melancholy, often blending diverse rock and metal genres and incorporating symphonic elements. The mix of these influences results in a sound that can be best described as a combination of Modern Rock and Melodic Metal. Chris handles everything himself, from writing and arranging music to recording vocals and instruments. But he also loves working with other musicians, which brings a lively exchange and boost of artistic ideas. In summer of 2021, he achieved the third position in the Museboat Musies Summer Award, a recognition presented by Museboat Live, an international web-radio platform, for his single "Behind This Door." Furthermore, his EP "Tales" was featured on the esteemed list of Albums of the Year 2021 by Metal Devastation Radio. Additionally, it earned the seventh position on GRIMM Gent's compilation of Albums of the Year 2021.

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