New Promo: Blood Stained Dusk - Dead Lights Beckon Me E.P. - (Black Metal) - (Black Lion Records) Friday May 26 2023, 3:03 PM
New Promo: Blood Stained Dusk - Dead Lights Beckon Me E.P. - (Black Metal) - (Black Lion Records)

Release Date May 24, 2023

FFO: Emperor, Watain, Behemoth

Location: Alabama, United States

Formed in 1997 during the rise of the myriad bands that were part of the black metal subculture, Blood Stained Dusk emerged to take the United States Black Metal scene by storm. The BLOOD STAINED DUSK sound, which is like no other in U.S. Black Metal (USBM), captures unique, majestic, and somber tones accompanied by ritualistic brimstone and fire lyrics. The raw and menacing atmosphere of the band’s sound creates an epic and warlike ambiance. The music’s influence was originally forged by the traditional Norwegian and European Black Metal sound while powerfully emerging as a unique entity within the USBM culture.

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Recording Lineup:
Profana: Drums
Deimor: Guitars
Perkunas: Bass/Backing Vocals
Thorgrin: Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Guest guitar solo by: Sergio “Surg” Quesada formerly of Khaotika


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