STELLAGEN - From Dying Stars - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Tuesday March 29 2022, 5:08 PM
STELLAGEN - From Dying Stars - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

STELLAGEN - From Dying Stars - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

      Welcome to the bio-metal laboratory, this is where we store all our bits of heavy metal subgenres, and we conduct experiments to splice them together to see what works and what doesn’t. Ah, here’s one coming off the line now… this is Stellagen, an Australian band who have released their debut album ‘From Dying Stars’.

                For a debut album, ‘From Dying Stars’ is a mixed bag, Stellagen set out on a quest to splice together power, thrash, black, death and melodic death into one streamlined package. No one said it would be easy, some said it was ludicrous and others said it was nigh on impossible. But with this album, Stellagen actually get something going, tracks such as ‘Die in My Mind’ and ‘Beowulf’ have the sort of neoclassical death metal feel of the likes of Exmortus whilst the vocals of Phil Brown during ‘Freedom’ have the tenacity of Chuck Billy’s modern approach to Testament. However, ‘From Dying Stars’ does tend to jump around a little bit more than it should, just as you’re getting into that sound, another one comes colliding in from the side and it leads to being a little disjointed.

                There actually some very, very good ideas here from a massively talented band and honestly, there is nothing ‘bad’ or even ‘average’ on ‘From Dying Stars’, in fact, the only thing which truly holds it back is the disjointed nature. If Stellagen can iron out these creases and pick a direction, then there is no doubt that the band will make something nothing short of great. - Metal Digest

Release Date: February 22, 2022

FFO: Necrophagist, Dragonforce, Exodus

Location: Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia based metal band STELLAGEN's debut album 'From Dying Stars' is set for release on 22 February 2022. 

'From Dying Stars' sees STELLAGEN hit the ground running with 11 songs incorporating elements of death/ black metal, power metal, melodic death and thrash metal, with an emphasis on memorable choruses and engaging guitar harmonies and interplay. 

The key elements of the band's sound are perhaps best summed up via their first single/ video 'Freedom'!

Check out the video!

STELLAGEN formed in Sydney, Australia in 2019 with the simple goal of making metal they wanted to listen to: heavy yet melodic, with memorable choruses and shredding guitar solos, incorporating elements from death/ black metal but with the sense of melody and catchiness of power metal in both the vocals and guitars. 

STELLAGEN features Phil Brown (Vocals/ Guitars), Jimmy Lardner-Brown (Guitars) and Symon Haddad (Bass) with session drums provided by Robin Stone.

The vocals range from death/ black metal growls and screams on one end of the spectrum to melodic clean (yet still 'raw') vocals on the other, with a focus on ensuring each song has a memorable 'hook'. A key feature of the band's style is also the guitar harmonies and interplay between twin brothers Phil and Jimmy, which is backed up by the solid rhythm section of Symon and Robin. Lyrical concepts include real life experiences, literature, and sci-fi/ fantasy. 


STELLAGEN's debut album 'From Dying Stars', released 22/02/2022, is the first part of a musical concept, with the counterpart second album set for release later in 2022. 

'From Dying Stars' is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms. 

Physical copies comprising:

- Digipak CD with 12-page booklet; and

- Gatefold red splatter vinyl with 4-page booklet and bonus CD in cardboard slip case, 

are available via the band's Bandcamp page:

Follow the band at these links:

For booking contact the band:

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