OBITUARY Drummer Says Roadrunner Won't 'Negotiate' Deal To Reissue Classic Albums Sunday October 15 2017, 5:14 PM
OBITUARY Drummer Says Roadrunner Won't 'Negotiate' Deal To Reissue Classic Albums

In a recent interview with   Capital Chaos ,   OBITUARY   drummer   Donald Tardy   commented on the band's original record label,   Roadrunner Records , which released six studio albums by the group between 1989 and 2005. "It's a subject that none of the band members really like talking about,"   Tardy   said. "We signed to   Roadrunner   a long time ago at a very early age, and they know that we signed the worst contracts on the planet, so we have no rights to any of those albums. We don't have any say-so. I don't think they're even being printed anymore — like, a young metalhead, I don't think can even find it in the store, a real copy of it. We went to   Roadrunner   and said, 'Can't we just simply negotiate and figure out — can't I get my albums back to the band?' They wanted no part of even the discussion. Sadly,   OBITUARY   has no power of what happens with those early albums."

He continued: "We were very young, just like a lot of bands. We're not the only ones on   Roadrunner   that say the same exact thing. It's sad that we got talked into horrible deals, and we signed our lives away, but when you're a sixteen-year-old kid and you're looking at a multi-album contract, you're just like, 'That's amazing — I'm going to be in a band!' Little did we know, thirty years later, we still can't get the rights back to it.   Roadrunner   owns it forever."

After parting ways with   Roadrunner   following the release of 2005's   "Frozen In Time" ,   OBITUARY   released two albums via   Candlelight Records   — 2007's   "Xecutioner's Return"   and 2009's   "Darkest Day"   — before signing with   Relapse Records   in 2014.

OBITUARY 's second   Relapse   release — the group's self-titled tenth studio album — came out on March 17.

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That is  a fucking shame because i bet relapse records would put some really cool vinyl packages for those old albums and i would totally buy them!


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