Wrecker New album Coming out April 27th via Test your metal Records Saturday March 18 2017, 1:22 PM
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Wrecker New album Coming out April 27th via Test your metal Records

The band was formed by Raúl Silva (bass guitar) in 1987. It all started when two high school students, Raúl and Rumanian drummer, Radu Ionescu, got together to try to form a band. They started playing covers without having a guitar player. After a few months, Radu Ionescu had to leave the band so Raúl Silva started searching for other guys willing to be part of a band. After reading an ad on a board at a music store, Raúl Silva phoned Edmundo Egea, who would become Wrecker’s first guitar player.

Then Raúl’s brother, Guillermo Silva (drums) and a singer whose name is not worth mentioning joined the band. This was Wrecker..s first line up. After a few gigs, the band realized that the singer was not up to the task, so they decided to get rid of him. Guitar player Edmundo Egea took over from the first singer. In 1989, after rehearsing a lot, the band was invited to be the open act for bands such as DEATH, ACROPHET and NECROMANCY.

By the end of this year, Guillermo Silva decided to quit Wrecker and the band invited former Trauma drummer, Israel “Sux” Franco to join in and they opened for D.R.I. In 1990 Edmundo Egea left the band and Yureni Faugier joined as their new guitar player. Out of necessity and reluctantly, Raúl ends up as the new bass player/singer of the band. Eventually, Silva managed to get to grips with playing the bass and singing (screaming).

It was during this year that the band reached its peak with regards to live performances touring part of the country. After this successful but short lived period of time, Sux quits the band to move to U.S. The band hires Bernardo Vargas and Armando Arzate (GONZO) as their new drummer and guitar player. The band had now two lead guitars.

In 1994 Silva decided to split the band as he and Armando Arzate decided they had had enough. I was not until January 2008 that, after getting together at a bar, Silva, Sux, Gonzo and Faugier decide to bring Wrecker back to life. The band is currently working hard to come up with new stuff and hired Mauricio Cerón as the man in charge of the voice so that Raúl Silva could focus on playing the bass without having to worry about the growling (singing?). The band has already started performing live, and has recorded a 6 song CD in October 2008.

After many gigs with international bands such as Arch Enemy, Kreator, Exodus, Nile, Gummo Maniacs, WDNFRA, and two editions of the Hell and Heaven Fest in Guadalajara, Silva dedided to leave the band, Gonzo was in charge of the bass for some time until he decided to quit the band, Wrecker has hired Rod Olguin and Rafael Echeverria to continue this brutal path…

Ready to kick ass again!!!

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