Review Of Crimson Caliber Monday March 27 2017, 7:38 AM
DJ Thunderess
Review Of Crimson Caliber

Crimson Caliber A newly formed Thrash Band from Canada Have a great combination of Powerful Vocals ,awesome guitar riffs,an Excellent Female Bassist and an awesome Drummer. There new EP Red Dawn rising Released February 25th Of 2017 In My Opinion is Definitely Worth checking out!! There music has a wide variety of influences which makes there sound through the EP Excellent.You can tell they work very hard together as a band but are enjoying what they are doing which is providing Great music . There main focus as with any band is too succeed which so far i see them going far with hard work and determination !!! On a scale of 1-10 i have to say they are already a 9 in my opinion !!! Check them out                                          


Band Members :
Travis Malley - Guitar/Vocals
Amber Lowe - Bass
Sean McLean - Drums

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