Exclusive Interview with Karen Stever Of Stever On The Thunderhead Show Tuesday December 10 2019, 4:00 PM
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Exclusive Interview with Karen Stever Of Stever On The Thunderhead Show

Nine-year-old Ian has all sorts of secrets, that nobody will ever hear. This non-verbal savant only speaks through his cello.
Set in 1939 New York City, on the verge of World War, Ian becomes friends with a British organ grinder who leads him from his abusive home. He is embraced by a new family of rescued animals and learns that he is part of the bigger mission to save King Juggernaut, an Asian circus elephant.
Ian’s retrocognitive abilities allow him to see the disturbing history of any animal he encounters. During his traumatic stay at a children’s mental institution, he, along with a group of talented spiders in his room, save the other children, free the lab animals and enter the magical portal to The Great Kingdom at 39 Rattenbury Lane.
Set off the coast of India, Jagannatha is an enormous ancient fortress in The Great Kingdom where skilled rescuers save injured animals and transform them into a high-tech army.
Their mission just got bigger...and uglier.
This is book 1 of 7 from author KM Stever.
Sign up at karenstever.com/book for updates about release.

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