EYES: Decibel Magazine Premieres "Distance" Video By Twisted Danish Hardcore Act; Underperformer Debut LP To See September Release Via Indisciplinarian + Preorders Posted Wednesday August 5 2020, 7:30 PM
EYES: Decibel Magazine Premieres "Distance" Video By Twisted Danish Hardcore Act; Underperformer Debut LP To See September Release Via Indisciplinarian + Preorders Posted

Denmark's eclectic collective Indisciplinarian has confirmed the September release of Underperformer, the debut LP by twisted hardcore quintet EYES. Preorders and more for the new album have been issued in conjunction with the premiere of a video for the album's first single, "Distance," hosted by Decibel Magazine.


EYES is made up by five young veterans from the Danish metal and hardcore scene, and the new album Underperformer reflects a combo that does not worry one bit about what fans, the scene, or people in general might think. One senses an artistic kinship with bands such as Daughters, Pissed Jeans, and Converge, all bands who started out with a particular sound and have changed and developed their musical vision significantly; something EYES aims for as well, and succeeds in.


Barely over two years since the band's eponymous debut EP saw the light of day, EYES deliverstheir Underperformer. The record was produced by Tobias Munk Tønder (Église, Drukner), mastered by Jacob Bredahl (Lifesick, I Am Bones) who also contributes guest vocals to several songs on the record, and completed with artwork by Jon Gotlev/No Heroes.


The new video for "Distance" was directed by Ausrine Kurgonaite and Chey Long-Andersen.


EYES lead singer Victor Kaas states about the "Distance" single, "'Distance' is the shortest and most aggressive track on the record, by a small margin, as the whole record is pretty fucking aggressive. It was also one of the first songs we wrote for the album and it ended up being the song that really shaped the sound of Underperformer. Lyrically, the song is about discovering when something isn't as it should be in your life. The feeling of reaching out, only to be met with dismissal and misunderstanding. If you're depressed; don't stop reaching out. Not everyone will understand; someone will."


Decibel writes with the video's premiere, "A lot of the time, music videos feel like an afterthought or thrown-together marketing tool. 'Distance,' the first song from Danish metal/hardcore crew EYES' upcoming Underperformer debut, is not one of those music videos. The video, which takes place in a single location, features the band playing the song while looking like they'd rather be doing literally anything else. It's particularly funny in the song's heaviest parts, though total chaos eventually ensues-watch the video yourself to see how. Musically, EYES share DNA with Converge, The Chariot, Pissed Jeans, and Daughters, but anyone with an appreciation for rocking hard will appreciate what's on display here."


Feast your attention on EYES' "Distance" video only through Decibel Magazine  RIGHT HERE .


Underperformer will be released through Indisciplinarian on September 25th. The record will be issued on vinyl (400 on black, 100 on white), tape (100 copies), and all digital formats. Physical preorders are live at the label webshop  HERE .


Watch for additional audio samples and more to be issued in the weeks ahead.


Underperformer Track Listing:

1. Verge

2. Distance

3. Underperformer

4. Choke

5. Surf

6. Off

7. Voiceswhispersecretsandspeakon lytruths

8. Swim

9. Victim

10. Crutches


EYES formed in 2017, and after a hefty initial period as a band with a hyped debut 2018 EP and a series of explosive shows in Denmark and Europe, the urge to redirect themselves arose, and new songs began to take shape. The band quickly decided to make a shift from the debut's "blackened" expression towards a more punk rocking and experimental sound with focus on grooves and hook; a less "brutal" and more minimalistic aesthetic, and an underplayed expression in both auditive, lyrical, and visual aspects.


This has resulted in Underperformer, its ten songs showcasing a unique talent for injecting new life into hardcore with a disregardful (mis)use of the genres many strains and traits through a focused, original songwriting. In its essence, Underperformer is a narrative about becoming an adult and having a hard time adjusting to the role it implies. About feeling discontent with oneself and where one is in life; feeling like you're always busy and have your hands full, but never actually accomplishing anything - feeling like an underperformer.




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