Graves of Giants - Band Of The Month - August 2020 On MDR! Sunday August 2 2020, 11:06 AM
Graves of Giants - Band Of The Month - August 2020 On MDR!

Graves of Giants - War Drums of the Apocalypse - Metal Devastation battle of the bands champions, coming in with a total of 27,507 votes!

Graves of Giants finishes the month off devastating the opposition as they beat the war drums of the apocalypse shattering perceptions and creating a path to metal superiority. Their 1st release The Black EP introduced the world to the apocalyptic harmony of Graves of Giants and now with the release of Soundtrack to Your Apocalypse releasing worldwide on August 3rd they have solidified their heavy metal dominance. Continuing along the path of destruction the boys in GOG will be releasing the epic masterpiece Master of War on August 13th  through Grave Mistake in association with Forbidden Fate which is currently on Pre Sale!


Go to today to secure your fate before the blast takes your soul!

Graves of Giants started as a quarantine project to create something with the shifting dynamics of 2020. Jason Vanderwaal and Brandon Power decided to hit the road and embark on a ten day journey around the US to directly witness the uncertainty firsthand. Upon their return, the concept of creating an album that represented various scenarios which one could describe as apocalyptic was conceived. As time has passed, the dynamic of the group began to form, and reflect the various personalities of those involved.


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