Phobetor - When Life Falls Silent [Nihilistic extreme metal FFO Crisis Machine Head Behemoth Opera IX] Friday June 19 2020, 6:27 AM
Phobetor - When Life Falls Silent [Nihilistic extreme metal FFO Crisis Machine Head Behemoth Opera IX]

From the warmth, tranquillity and peace of the womb we are cast out into this world in a paroxysm of screams, bewilderment and blood. We are thrown from comforting darkness into blinding light, from simple contentment into an ocean of noise and confusion, turmoil and pain. Throughout the years of our existence we fight against the tides of life, struggling to keep our head above the relentless waves, always aware of the unfathomable depths below us, sucking at our thrashing limbs. Occasionally we will crawl, coughing and spluttering, onto tiny islands of contentment, vomiting our terror onto the warm sands and crying tears of gratitude and joy for the respite. But the wild storms of existence are never far away and soon we are lifted by the winds and flung back into the raging waters to struggle again. Until we finally find our sanctuary once the stillness, the darkness, the peace of the tomb.

Since they began, Phobetor’s drive and vision was to mirror the anguish and chaos of life, to capture its essence and reflect it back into the hearts of the masses. While their first EP, Burning Memories, may have worked with familiar ingredients, blending groove and melody into strong song structures, there was always the desire for more; more extremity, more intensity, more individuality and a more ambitious and challenging approach. Now those goals have been achieved and Phobetor have found their sound and their identity. They stand alone while the adherents to genre rage around them. All the desperate, senseless struggles of human existence ensnared in a soul-shaking primal scream. All forms of extreme metal boiling in a cauldron of heartache and fury. This is When Life Falls Silent and it is the truth behind the veil, the seething turbulence of reality without the comfort of mutually agreed upon deceits. Lurching, staggering riffs that explode into violence, a voice lost in nightmares, unfettered emotion, nerve-shredding tension and unstoppable force...Phobetor are a new voice, a scream of defiance in the face of hopelessness and the sound of the reality you cannot bear to face.

Mixed and mastered by Krysthla guitarist Neil Hudson and presented in the perfectly unsettling, darkly disturbing artwork of Hans Trasid (Orkrist, Bleeding Utopia, Dawn Of Destiny etc) When Life Falls Silent is a complete entity, the realisation of Phobetor’s ferocious dreams. Dare to look beyond the garish comforts that blind you and howl into the void with Phobetor...

Debora Conserva - Vocals
Mitch Revy - Guitar
Marc Dyos - Drums
Richard Hunter - Bass (session)

Genre: Extreme Metal
For fans of: Crisis | Machine Head | Behemoth | Opera IX

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