Byzanthian Neckbeard release new song "Minaton" Sunday October 27 2019, 11:25 AM
Byzanthian Neckbeard release new song "Minaton"

UK sludge band Byzanthian Neckbeard have just released their new song "Minaton" via The Sludgelord. The song is from their upcoming album of the same name which will be released next week.

Listen to the song here: Sludgelord


Back with another, fuller bag of riffs, Byzanthian Neckbeard have made good on the promise of their first two releases. The promise? To break headphones with tracks that soundtrack eerie tales of devil worms and other creatures of the night.


After a spoken intro to send a chill through the bones, opening salvo “The Werespider” promptly sets said bones ablaze with heavy, thumping riffs and booming growls. This energy continues throughout the record, as the trio groove through such catchy numbers as “Evisceration Stare” and “Condemned to the Swamp”. Their formula of groovy-doom-meets-death-metal- intensity is as solid as the stone they carved it from, though they do deviate from it; for instance, dropping into almost bluesy realms on the title track, or taking an atmospheric approach on closer “Out of the Deep”.


In the end, Minaton is a marvelous record and a step above everything that came before it. Byzanthian Neckbeard may be three miscreants from the foggy island of Guernsey, but they know their way around a bone-shattering song or seven.


  1. The Tale of Raymond
  2. The Werespider
  3. Devil Worms
  4. Minaton
  5. Evisceration Stare
  6. Necron 5
  7. Condemned to the Swamp
  8. Out of the Deep

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