Sarah Halter (USA) - The Doom That Binds Us - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Thursday April 6 2023, 6:25 PM
Sarah Halter (USA) - The Doom That Binds Us - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Sarah Halter (USA) - The Doom That Binds Us - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

For a review like this one, it’s important to unequivocally point out this writer’s biases. I do not like pretty clean singing vocals in my metal. I like screams and growls, which Sarah showcases a clear talent for in this EP. Are there albums with the majority of clean singing that I like? Of course there are, but there’s not enough space here to adequately describe what does and does not qualify.

Further, this review should be about Sarah Halter’s talent and art rather than describing my tastes. I just feel it’s important to understand that another writer would likely have a different opinion. This album isn’t for me. If you’re anything like me, then it’s likely not for you either. I’m the type that wants the heavy parts to be as brutal as possible and the pretty parts to be technical displays or an array of unanticipated choices.

So who is this for then? Perhaps you are into metal not for its powers of destruction and energizing fury? If you rather enjoy exploring darkness and atmosphere then songs like ‘Ravenlore’ or the title track ‘The Doom That Binds Us’ are more your forte. If that’s the case then give this one a spin. Sarah displays great vocal and instrumental talent. She recorded an objectively good performance regardless of my bias. My only critique of what’s actually recorded is it could probably do with instrumental performances from other musicians. It’s always admirable when an artist does the entire project solo, but sometimes another input can provide a much-needed dynamic lift or diversity in choices. Metal Digest

Release Date: January 20, 2023

FFO: Jinjer, Tristania, Killswitch Engage

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

After signing to Sparrow Heart Records in 2022, Sarah Halter follows up A Clockwork Destiny, a two-song single released in 2021, with a completely self-produced, self-performed, and self-recorded four-song EP -The Doom That Binds Us. 

Teaming up again with Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings for mixing and mastering, Sarah utilizes a modern metal sound that draws influence from progressive, alternative, symphonic, and death metal that brings a fresh approach to songwriting and musicianship in the metal world.

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EP Credits:

- ALL MUSIC performed and recorded by Sarah Halter
-Mixed and Mastered by Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings
-Album Art - Hannah Halter-Haring
-Artist Name Logo - Maxwell Aston Art

-Record Label - Sparrow Heart Records


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