VHALDEMAR “Straight To Hell” - Reviewed By Metal Gods TV! Saturday December 5 2020, 11:32 AM
VHALDEMAR “Straight To Hell” - Reviewed By Metal Gods TV!

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Vhaldemar are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 1999, releasing their debut album ‘Fight To The End’ in 2002. Three more albums emerged over the next ten years – ‘I Made My Own Hell’ (2003), ‘Metal Of The World’ (2011), and ‘Shadows Of Combat’ (2013). A five song E.P. ‘Old King’s Visions’ was released in 2017, which preceded the bands fifth album ‘Against All Kings’, which was released later that same year. The bands sixth album ‘Straight To Hell’ was released in 2020.

Three years ago, Vhaldemar took the world by storm, with their breath taking (fifth) album ‘Against All Kings’ – the power and pace of that album simply stunning. This time around, the Spanish metallers have gone for a more anthemic and bombastic stance, with blistering pace taking somewhat of a back seat. ‘Straight To Hell’ (the album) is nine songs and thirty six minutes of very heavy and very thunderous power metal, with ‘My Spirit’ opening the album with a bang – a very big bang! ‘My Spirit’ is like a hundred incendiary devices all going off at once – the explosive force is magnificent, and Vhaldemar are up and running. The new album thunders on with ‘Death To The Wizard’, displaying a more mid tempo and anthemic feel. Think German power legends Grave Digger, and you’ll have a sense of the aural delight that ‘Death To The Wizard’ is. What an opening double salvo…

…an opening double that becomes a triple, with the blistering pace of the ferocious ‘Afterlife’. Vhaldemar change gears and scorch the Earth with ‘Afterlife’ – a magnificent rampage of all out power metal. The title song ‘Straight To Hell’, is the most anthemic offering heard so far – big riffing and thunderous, ‘Straight To Hell’ (the song) offers a chant style chorus that an in concert audience will scream and screech as loud as they can, raising the roof higher than ever! Pace returns in full flight with the pure power metal part six of the saga ‘Old King’s Visions (VI)’. Followers and fans of the band will know “Old King’s Visions” appears on every release by Vhaldemar – now on album six, part six. ‘Old King’s Visions (VI)’ is the definition of the European power metal sound – all glorious and infectious to the max. ‘Fear’ thunders in and marches on with the mightiest foot stomp this side of a Manowar/Sabaton/Powerwolf coalition. The anthemic march of power metal is a glorious sound, Vhaldemar delivering it perfectly. Raise your fists high in the air and salute a fucking corker of a tune.

Featuring the most melodic feel of any song heard so far, ‘Hell Is On Fire’ is a thumping mid paced power metal anthem with a catchy sing a long chant style chorus. So infectious in fact, you’ll find yourself singing along without even realising it! Now come on everyone, all together, “hell! hell is on fire”. Fucking brilliant stuff. ‘When It’s All Over’ returns the mid tempo, heavy hitting power metal style to the fore, bordering on, dare I say it, power ballad territory. Too heavy to fully fall into a ballad, ‘When It’s All Over’ takes a more hymn like path with an epic swagger. I feel a crowd sing a long coming with this one… And to the final song, the final hurrah, and the fastest song on offer – ‘Damnation’s Here’. Featuring a blistering pace that’ll take your breath away, Vhaldemar inject a little flavour of thrash into the albums final song. ‘Damnation’s Here’ is a fucking great finish to a very good album.

Overall, a blistering rampage of power metal from a band performing at the top of their game, ‘Straight To Hell’ is a cracking album. - Metal Gods TV

Death To The Wizard !” is the new video clip of the Spanish Heavy Metal band VHÄLDEMAR , their 6th album " Straight to Hell ", which will be released on October 6th, 2020 on CD, 12"LP and Cassette formats through Fighter Records , MDD Records in G/A/S and Red Rivet Records in Japan.

You can watch the video here:

Production of "Straight to Hell" took place at the Chromaticity Studios of the band's guitarist and producer Pedro J. Monge and cover design has been made by Darkgrove (Manowar, Battle Beast, Testament ...)

Vhäldemar was born in the late 90s in Bizkaia, when guitarist Pedro J. Monge decided to create a Heavy Metal band together with singer and guitarist Carlos Escudero.
In June 2001 they recorded a demo that served to sign with Arise Records, with whom they released their debut album, "Fight to the End", in March 2002. This album was released throughout Europe, Japan, Russia, North and South America. .

At the end of 2003 VHÄLDEMAR publishes his second album, "I Made my Own Hell", again with Arise Records
In 2007 they performed at the Bilbao BBK Live Festival and released their third album “Metal of the World”. In August 2012 they performed at the Leyendas del Rock Festival and at the Ripollet Rock Festival.

"Shadows of Combat" their fourth album is released in 2013
In 2017 they signed a contract with Fighter Records for several albums, the first release was the reissue of their first two albums "Fight to the End" ('02) and "I Made my Own Hell" ('03) on a double CD, with 5 bonus tracks and totally remastered sound that was released on April 21, 2017.

On May 4, they released the digipack EP entitled “Old King's Visions” with 5 songs that serve as a preview of their new album "Against All Kings" which is released in November 2017 through Fighter Records worldwide and RRR. in Japan.

In 2018 Fighter Records reissues the album "Shadows Of Combat"
In 2019 Fighter Records reissues the album "Metal Of The World"
The presentation tour of the album "Against All Kings" has taken them during 2018 - 2019 to perform 42 concerts in Spain, Japan, Russia, Holland and France.

Vhäldemar have been present at national festivals such as Resurrection Fest, Leyendas Del Rock, Z Live, Atalaya Rock Fest, Metal Norte, Galia Metal Fest, Dimetal ...

Carlos Escudero - Voice

Pedro J. Monge - Guitar

Raúl Serrano - Bass

Jandro - Drums

Jonkol Tera - Keyboards




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